Stylish Twist Back Sweaters For Women


In fall, it’s time to wear sweaters. The sweaters is a must item for autumn fashion, so be sure to choose the right one~

Then what kind of sweater is trendy this year? Stylish twist back sweaters! The back has always been an important part of women’s sexy expression. This year’s sweater is making a fuss about the back. I think you will like.

So, let’s enjoy this stylish sweater here:

Wow, the women all look so fashionable, right? Yeah! The entire twist design on the back makes the sweater become quite vogue. And the big v back is so sexy. You can match with skinny pants like them.

Twist Back Sweater-1

Twist Back Sweater-2 Twist Back Sweater-3

Twist Back Sweater-4

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Recommend 6 Trendy Boots 2018 For Women

Fall, it’s time to buy boots. Then what kind of boots are trendy in 2018?
I think any of these 6 pairs of boots will let you walk in the front end of fashion.

1.kitten heel boots

In the past two years, I believe that you see a lot of women wearing kitten heel shoes on the street. Yes, wear kitten heel shoes is a fashion now. So, in fall and winter, why don’t you have a pair of ketten heel boots? It’s beautiful and comfortable.

  kitten heel boots

2.chelsea boots

Need a pair of flat boots? Just choose chelsea boots. It has low heel chunky heels, so it can give you a certain height, but it is very comfortable. The most important is it is definitely the most popular among flat boots in 2018.

chelsea boots

3.glitter boots

Young people are pursuing publicity and personality, so glitter boots are perfect for you. Below color glitter slouchy high heel boots are nice, do you think so?

glitter boots

4.embroidered boots

From 2017 to 2018, embroidered clothing has been popular. If you like this fashion element, wear a pair of fashionable embroidered boots show your beauty this year.

embroidered boots

5.metallic boots

Clothing with metallic elements is always special, and it’s more fashionable to do the metallic elements on shoes. The model wearing a long cashmere overcoat to match with silver metallic high heel knee high boots looks stylish and vogue.

metallic boots

6.satin boots

You have a beautiful satin dress, but have you ever thought about wearing a pair of satin boots? It is quite modern! Look at the below model who wear a pair of purple satin point toe high heel over the knee boots.

satin boots

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What Kind Of Pleated Skirts Are Most Popular?

As a woman, there must be a lot of dresses and a few skirts. Then what kind of skirts are trendy? Pleated skirts! Yeah, it’s elegant and charming pleated skirts. Do you have one? Choose one here:

We recommend 4 most popular pleated skirts from online clothing store

1. Corduroy Pleated Skirts

Corduory clothing is popular from 2017 to 2018, you know, such as corduory dresses, corduory pants and corduory bags. And corduory skirts are fond of women, expecially corduory pleated skirts.

The first one is a vogue gold long corduory pleated skirt. There is also a silver color for you.

gold long corduory pleated skirt

The second one is a dark green midi corduory pleated skirt. There are other colors burgundy, gray and black.

dark green midi corduory pleated skirt

The last one is a short corduory pleated skirt, it’s fashionable patchwork style.

short patchwork corduory pleated skirt

2.Mesh Pleated Skirts

Mesh clothes are often sexy, and loved by women. So, why don’t you wear a charming mesh pleated skirt? How about the following two? The first one is a modern mid-calf metallic mesh pleated skirt.

Mid-Calf Metallic Mesh Pleated Skirt

Mesh Mid-Calf Pleated Women's Skirt

3.Chiffon Pleated Skirts

It’s very color wearing chiffon clothes. Chiffon pleated skirts are also very beautiful. For the pink tie front chiffon pleated skirt and the green asymmetrical chiffon pleated skirt, which one do you like more?

Chiffon Broomstick Tie Front Pleated Skirt

Chiffon Asymmetrical Plain Pleated Skirt

4.Woven Fabric Pleated Skirts

In fall and winter, you should have a woven fabric skirt. How about the following short grey pleated skirt?

Short Woven Fabric Pleated Skirts

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Stylish Women’s Black Flat Mules Shoes


In recent years, wearing a pair of comfortable flat shoes is a fashion. But this flat shoe is exquisite, and the emerging flat mules shoes lead the fashion trend.

There are all kinds of mules flats shoes in the streets.

Stylish Women's Black Flat Mules Shoes

Black pointed mule flats are the most common and fashionable. There is no high heels, and it is a bit lacking in femininity. And the pointed flat shoes just make up for this. Coupled with a little decoration, such as ruffles, floral print, etc., the whole shoes will be stylish and refined.

Rivet Ruffles Pointed Toe Flat Mules Embroidery Slip-On Black Pointed Flat Mules Floral Embroidery Slip-On Black Pointed Flat Mules

Chunky mule shoes are also the object of choice for many people, especially little women. It allows you to wear the fashion of mule shoes and improve your height. The following rhinestone buckle slip-on black pointed mules shoes with metallic chunky heels are vogue.

Rhinestone Buckle Slip-On Black Pointed Toe Chunky Mules

Clothing with fashion element straw is popular this year. So, straw flat mules are welcome. The following straw slip-on pointed flat mules with bowknot look unique and fashionable, right?

Bowknot Knitted Slip-On Pointed Toe Flat Mules

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Fashion Wedge Sandals & Flat Sandals For Women

Summer just is the season of wearing dresses and sandals. Women must have a lot of different styles of dresses, so sandals? There should also be several different styles, such as stiletto sandals, wedge sandals, mules sandals and flat sandals.

Here we recommend to you a few pairs of fashion wedge sandals and flat sandals:

fashion wedge sandals:

1. Yellow is the fashion color in 2018, you know. Then it’s also good to wear a pair of yellow sandals. I think the following yellow wedge sandals with bowtie ankle strap are stylish.

Yellow Wedge Sandals with Bowtie

2. The second one is a pair of trendy espadrille wedge heel sandals. Hasp is also its another fashion design. In addition, it’s comfortable platform wedge sandals.

Hasp Open Toe Platform Wedge Heel Espadrille Sandals

3. The third is a pair of sexy wedge sandals. The wedge heels are slim. And the straps are fashionable straw plaited style.

Comfortable Wedge Heel Ankle Strap Buckle High Heel Sandals

fashion flat sandals:

1. The first one is a pair of cool brown open toe flat sandals. I like its color and hackly strap brim.

Cool Brown Open Toe Flat Sandals

2. The second is a pair of clip toe flat sandals with rhinestones. The rhinestones on the black strap are beautiful purple.

  Purple Rhinestone Clip Toe Flat Sandals

3. The last one is also a pair of clip toe flat sandals. It’s pretty beads decoration style. I like its beads decoration ankle straps.

Fashion Beads Decoration Clip-toe Flat Sandals

How To Wear A Silk Scarf?

How To Tie A Scarf?

“When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman.”

–Audrey Hepburn

From the moment the silk scarf rises, it seems that having a silk scarf is a symbol of fashion.

Then how to wear a scarf? I believe that the first thing you think of is to tie it  around your neck. Yes, this is the most basic use of silk scarves.

1. The silk scarf is tied to the neck and has a high degree of daily use and adds detail.
A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

In fact, in addition to knotting on the neck, the following loose system is not bad.

The silk scarf is attached to the neck loosely.

Hanging around the neck is also very chic, the drooping silk scarf can visually extend the neck, making the whole person look tall and thin.

Hanging the silk scarf around the neck is also very chic.

2. Tie the silk scarf to the head. Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. Blogger Jenny Walton also likes to tie the silk scarf to her head. With a little heart, the whole person will light up from the head.

Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. 

If you are afraid to put on the head of the Middle East to wear the atmosphere of the local tyrants, it is better to try to use the silk scarf as a rubber band, the fresh girlie feeling can easily be get. Use a silk scarf instead of a leather ring, even a simple ponytail is super fashionable!

Use the silk scarf as a rubber band.

3. Scarves can also change earrings. Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration. The hard-boned earrings are soft and beautiful with scarves, and they also have human touch.

Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration.

4. Attaching the scarf to your hand is the most chic bracelet!

Chic silk scarf bracelets.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arm, in addition to fashion, can actually cover the flab.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arms.

5. The scarves can be attached to the wrist, what is impossible on the ankle?

Attached the silk scarf to the ankle.

Whether it’s a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake. Even if you are a preppy style, a silk scarf will instantly transform you into a sweet preppy look.

Whether it's a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake.

6. Silk scarves tops! Can you imagine that the silk scarf can be worn on the show one day? TOD’S did just that.

Silk scarves tops.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Beyoncé is even more powerful, and the red apron is directly used as a concert.

Beyoncé use the red apron directly as a concert.

7. Replace the belt with a silk scarf. The use of silk scarves as a belt is definitely a big killing trick to save the monotonous match. The colorful silk scarves are tied around the waist, and the texture of different fabrics immediately lights up the entire look!

Replace the belt with a silk scarf. 

8. Wrap the bag with silk scarf! The silk scarf is attached to the bag as an accessory, which not only protects the handle that is most prone to wear, but also serves as part of the bag decoration. A silk scarf is attached to the bag, which not only improves the grade, but also can be taken at any time to embellish your overall match. The single color of the bag, with a colorful silk scarf, has a new soul!

Wrap the bag with silk scarf!

Of course, the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves. This is what summer should look like.

the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves.

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Where To Buy A Party Dress Just $4.95?

Women usually need to go to a lot of parties, and different types of parties wear differently. But party dresses often are expensive. It’s nice we can get cheap party dresses. Ericdress can help you!
Women can get a party dress just with $4.95 at Unbelievable!!! Yeah, but it’s true. Ericdress is doing clearance promotion for party dresses including evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and others. In order to give back to old customers, the price is very low.

Cheap One Shoulder Flower Chiffon A Line Prom Dress


Cheap A-Line V-Neck Half Sleeves Ruched Knee-Length Cocktail Dress


Cheap Spaghetti Straps Beading Black Cocktail Dress


All these three party dresses are $4.95.  The first one is an one shoulder chiffon a-line long prom dress. The flower shoulder is so chic. The second one is a v-neck cocktail dress. The ruched style looks ladylike. The last one is also a cocktail dress. The spaghetti straps and beading waist are nice.

Cheap Spaghetti Straps A-Line Appliques Ankle-Length Evening Dress


Cheap Simple V-Neck A-Line Long Evening Dress


The two are cheap evening dresses just $5.94.  The designs are good, so they look elegant, fashionable and vogue, right?

A-Line Short Sleeves V-Neck Pleats Floor-Length Evening Dress


Another cheap evening dress just $6.93. I like the graceful short sleeves and long skirt, and you?

Cheap Off-The-Shoulder Chiffon A-Line Long Prom Dress


The last one is a cheap long prom dress just $7.92. The mint color looks so clear and elegant. The ruffle off the shoulder is very pretty, do you think so?

Good Father’s Day Gifts For Your Father

Father's Day 2018

Father’s Day is coming soon, what gifts will you send to your father? It’s the best time to thank our fathers. If you don’t know what to send, we recommend clothing. Clothing is something that is needed everyday, but because be busy at work, our fathers have no much time to choose and buy clothing for themselves. So select a suitable item as good Father’s Day gift.

Dashiki African Printed Slim Mens Short Sleeve T Shirt

Lapel Long Sleeve Flower Print Slim Casual Men's Shirt

In summer, t-shirts are the most often wear. It’s absolutely good to buy a stylish t-shirt for your father. Another, it is also good to give dad a fashionable shirt and let him wear a new shirt to go to work.

Plain Lace Up Pocket Mens Casual Pants

Plain Lace Up Pocket Men's Beach Board Shorts Swim Trunks

Is your father still wear long pants now? Buy a short pants for him, how about the above one? And if your father still need long pants, the casual pants sell very well at

Bright Mesh Slip on Men's Sneakers

Mesh Color Block Slip-On Men's Sandals

Your father just has no a suitable pair of shoes? It’s easy, the above fashionable mesh slip on sneakers with trendy color yellow and mesh color block slip-on sandals are good!

Rhombus Men's Alloy Belt

Smartwatch A9 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Apple iPhone & Samsung Android Phone

If you would say you cannot choose suitable clothes for your father because you don’t know him body size very well, then you can choose a chic accessary, such as a belt and match.

Show Fashionable Tie Styles In This Summer

What new style of clothing is there in this summer? Tie style is absolutely one of them, such as tie front, tie back, tie shoulder and tie waist. Yes, women all love tie styles in summer 2018 very much, they wear all kinds of clothes with tie fashion element, such as fashionable tie front bikinis, tie front tops, tie back t shirts, tie shoulder dresses, tie waist pants and so on.

Yellow Tie Front 2-Pcs Bikini Suits

Floral Tie Front Bikini Set

Women's Tie Front Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Tie front clothes are the most common, tie front bikinis, tie front tops and tie front dresses are all fashionable. The above yellow tie front bikini and floral tie front bikini, which one do you like more?

Women's Stripe Color Block Tie Back Tee Shirt

Tie back is also a kind of fashionable tie style. Look at this stripe tie back t shirt, it is simple, but fashionable, right?

Fashionable Tie Shoulder Top Fashionable Tie Shoulder Dress

Tie shoulder clothes are also very beautiful, such as the above tie shoulder top and tie shoulder dress. Because the tie shoulders, the cloth becomes different front others.

Floral Tie Front, Tie Shoulder&Tie Waist Bikini Swimsuits

This bikini shows the tie style incisively and vividly that it sets tie front, tie shoulder and tie waist in one. Can you try it bravely?

Fashionable Tie Waist Pants

Yeah, tie waist is another fashionable tie style, tie pant is the most typical.

Ericdress 6th Anniversary

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Summer Fashion Open Shoulder Tops Style

Summer is a nice season to show beauty, all kinds of dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, swimsuits, sandals should be necessary for women. But what kind of tops are popular in this summer? Cold open shoulder top is definitely one. Its main feature is that women’s beautiful shoulders are show out very well.

Cold Open Shoulder Bowknot Blouse

This is a beautiful white open shoulder blouse. The black bowknot on neck is chic, the entire design is simple, but unique. It’s cold chiffon material.

Cold Open Shoulder Hollow Blouse

This is a casual style open shoulder blouse. It’s elegant khaki color, and the entire blouse looks vogue. The body is cold hollow style.

Cold Open Shoulder Vertical Stripe Blouse With Wide Shoulder Strap

This is a fashionable vertical stripe open shoulder blouse. The wide shoulder straps add its fashion feeling.

Loose American Flag Star Stripe Open Shoulder Tee

This is a stylish open shoulder tee. It’s loose American flag star print style.

It’s also very fashionable for plus size women to wear open shoulder top, such as the above  plus size open shoulder blouse.

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