Autumn Winter 2017: Trend Alert (All you need to know)

It’s time for your winter shopping and the time to be prepared for what we are going to see in the stores. We are highlighting the 10 major trends that you must know!

1. Bloody Bold Red
If there is anything that screams A/W 17 from a mile off, it’s red. Models covered in red from head to toe were the highlight of the runway. This color also happens to be the most flattering color on all skin tones, so it’s a win-win.

Bloody Bold Red-1 Bloody Bold Red-2 Bloody Bold Red-3

2. The Luxe stockings
The fishnets have been taken over by the lacy sheer detailed stockings. Subtle and making a statement.

The Luxe stockings-1 The Luxe stockings-2 The Luxe stockings-3

3. Fur it up
The touch me texture over prints is so exciting. Fur trend is not limited to jackets and coats but it has spread further to handbags, footwear and head gears as well. The trend is so wide spread that you can always find your style and color to suit you.

Fur it up-1 Fur it up-2 Fur it up-3

4. Masculine tailoring
80s revival trend, loose tailoring and wide shoulders is back. Oversized and a little out of shape, yet so graceful.

Masculine tailoring-1 Masculine tailoring-2 Masculine tailoring-3

5. Checked items
Tartans have taken over. Checks are back with a makeover, bold silhouettes and unique assemblies.

Checked items-1 Checked items-2 Checked items-3

6. The Boho Dress Brigade
Muted colors, patch worked fabrics and prints lifted from across the globe, these dresses look highly romantic and also highly individual.

The Boho Dress Brigade-1 The Boho Dress Brigade-2 The Boho Dress Brigade-3

7. Slogan Tees
Slogan tees are here to stay, irrespective of the season. Words that matter are being said much louder and with much clarity than before. The words are starting to be more powerful than logo power.

Slogan Tees-1 Slogan Tees-2 Slogan Tees-3

8. Velvet Touch
Velvet has been updated this season, from trousers to pencil skirts and two pieces, all in beautiful muted and sophisticated colors.

Velvet Touch-1 Velvet Touch-2 Velvet Touch-3

9. All Embroidered
Jumpers with embroidered mythical creations, embroidered coats, dresses, pants, skirts make beautiful romantic vintage style pieces.

All Embroidered-1 All Embroidered-2 All Embroidered-3

10. Brown is the new Black
Chestnuts, camels and coffee hues all have taken over the more somber black.

Brown is the new Black-1 Brown is the new Black-2 Brown is the new Black-3

Your love for Pajamas is no longer solely reserved for your bedroom

Pajama Dressing has become socially acceptable! It’s official! Pajamas have the freedom to step out and are making themselves stand out in every mood. We bring you the perfect pajama choices depending on the mood and occasion. Don’t stop yourself and get into you pajama sets ASAP!
1. On a Casual Meet up
Pick up your favorite pajama top and pair it with your distorted hem jeans, a perfect assembly for a casual meet up. If you don’t want to leave your pajama bottoms unattended, pick a pair of heels that matches the set the best and a oversized tote to finish the look.

On a Casual Meet up-1 On a Casual Meet up-2

2. Nine to Five
A subtle preferably suit like or with collar pajama top is something you can easily wear to work.

Nine to Five-1 Nine to Five-2

3. When you just want to have fun
All over funky prints is a perfect choice when you are in the mood to have fun. A combination of casual and funky, pair it with a pair of shoes or heels or loafers to finish the look.

When you just want to have fun-1 When you just want to have fun-2

4. On a date night
For a date night, you can go bare under your pajama top or wear a sexy lace bralette, to give you a hot, casual, romantic look.

On a date night-1 On a date night-2

5. Statement Makers: Party Ready
Bling it on with metallic Pajama sets. Who would’ve thought we’d be talking about pajama sets as party wear. But here we are with the ones that will make statement.

Statement Makers: Party Ready-1 Statement Makers: Party Ready-2

6.The Sport Badge
Rock in your favorite sneakers and pajama set. This is the most go to, easy, effortless and comfortable look.

The Sport Badge-1 The Sport Badge-2

Welcoming winter with Floral Summer Prints: The Pre-winter Must Have

The Street Styles from Day 1 of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) ’17 has given us Major Pre-Winter Wardrobe goals, there are so many
favorites and so many inspiring trends. But the one must have this
September is the Summer Print.
What better way to bid a farewell to winter if not the summer prints on floral fabrics!
Following are our favorite picks from day 1:
A red knee length sheer dress with floral print accessorized with Prada velvet bum bag, leather loafers with fur detailing, oversized round sun glasses and multiple thin gold chains.

floral dress-1

The smart casual: floral printed top with wide leg checked ankle length trousers; the wide waist band highlights the look. Cat eye sun glasses, black satchel bag and floral printed boots finish the look.

floral dress-2

One dress is like a walk down the memory lane, it highlights all the trends we had this summer. The asymmetrical silhouette, statement bell sleeve, the bold shoulder, frilled detailing and the floral print, this dress has it all. The dress has so much in it and hence is accessorized simply with black ankle boots and tan brown leather bag with metal chain sling and tassel detailing.
floral dress-3

These hot trends are easily available at
From short dresses to knee length to floor length, a wide range of floral summer dresses.

Ericdress floral dress-1 Ericdress floral dress-2 Ericdress floral dress-3


And a wider range of tops to step up your smart casuals.

Ericdress floral top-1 Ericdress floral top-2 Ericdress floral top-3


Ericdress also has a great collection of accessories and footwear. One stop to your next best look!

Send A Cute Graphic T-shirt To Your Little Boy

It’s very happy have a lovely little boy. He may be very naughty, but must be very cute. He needs a lot of clothes to replace, because he is too fond of play, especially in the summer. Sometimes, they are still very picky clothes, despise not fun. So, you can try with cute graphic clothes, such as graphic t-shirts. Because there are interesting patterns on the chest, the children like very much. If you don’t know what gifts to send to him on his birthday, graphic t-shirts are good choices. is a good choice for you online.

Ericdress Summer Cartoon Graphic T-shirt

This is a summer 2-pieces boys outfit. The top is a cute graphic t-shirt. The pattern is four cartoon trucks and several stylish English letters. Boys all love cars, trucks and robots toys, so this kind of t-shirts sell very well. The striped bottoms match very well.

Ericdress Graphic-Print T-Shirt Shorts Casual Boys Outfit

This is a cute graphic t-shirt printing a big bear head. Bear is always a lovely animal and little kids, big kids and adults even like it. The color orange is bright and trendy. There’re also light green, light green and white colors. The black shorts are also great. This outfit is really a good choice in summer.

Ericdress Graphic T-Shirt 3-Pcs Boys Outfit

This is a fashionable 3-pieces boys outfit including a plaid shirt, graphic t-shirt and suspenders denim shorts. The pattern of the graphic t-shirt is a big cartoon truck. It looks simple and unique. The plaid shirt is classic and the suspenders denim shorts are cool. Do you want your boy try with this stylish style? Other great boy’s outfits at are here:

It’s Nice Putting On A Cute Fruit Shape Shoulder Bag In Summer

Summer is a hot season, but meantime, it’s a colorful season. People wear colorful clothing on the street and to play on the beach. At the same time, all kinds of fruits are ripe, such as watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, peach and grape. People like to eat fruits, especially women. If women wear fruits on body, it would be very nice. It’s a good idea to put on a cute fruit shape bag. Ericdress designs some shoulder bags for women and girls.

Ericdress Cute Pineapple Shape Knitted Shoulder Bag

This is a cute pineapple shape knitted shoulder bag. It is a prototype bag as a whole with yellow body and green lid and strap. The style is cute and unique, and the colors match very well and is bright. Do you like it?

Ericdress Cute Strawberry Shape Knitted Shoulder Bag

This is a cute strawberry shape knitted shoulder bag. The shape and color are both as the real strawberry that the body is red grounding with little white points, and there’s a pair of green leaf on the top. And the gray strap matches very well. Another good choice!

Ericdress Cute Watermelon Shape Shoulder Bag

This is a cute watermelon shape shoulder bag. Wow, it looks like a real watermelon, doesn’t it? Yes! The shape and pattern are both lifelike. The long black strap seems like the watermelon tendril. There’s a black zipper in the middle.

Which bag do your like mostly? Pineapple, strawberry or watermelon shape? Choose one for your summer. Many more shoulder bags at are just here:

Wearing Beautiful Clothing To Go To Travel On International Labour Day

It will be May 1 after four days. It just is International Labour Day. Most countries’ Labour Day is on May 1, such as France, Sweden and China. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the contribution of the working class to society and economy. The story is that on May 1, 1886, the United States held a large-scale strike and demonstrations, focusing on about 350000 people. The demonstrators demanded improved working conditions and an eight-hour working system. May 3, the Chicago government dispatched police to suppress, and shot to the crowd, killing four people, and there are numerous victims. Until 1935, eight-hour working system has finally been established in the law.

Now, International Labour Day has been a happy festival. Many people go to travel during the holiday, especially office workers. In early May, this time the climate is just right which is no longer cold and not so hot. And it’s full of beauty everywhere outdoor. So, International Labour Day is really a good tourist time.

As females, we should wear beautiful clothing to go to travel. This time, blouse, shorts and sneakers are all good choices. At the same time, don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sunhat to block the sun. is a good online store to sell all kinds of fashion clothing for women, men and kids. Sure, you can buy good items for your husband and children. Here we introduce you some good items.

Ericdress Wide Shoulder Strap Vertical Stripe Blouse

This is a fashionable stripe blouse. Stripe blouses, t-shirts and even dresses are trendy in 2017. Another, it’s wide shoulder strap and it’s sexy, right? It’s good to match with denim shorts.

Ericdress High Waisted Denim Light Blue Women's Shorts

This is a pair of fashionable high waist denim shorts. In the same time, it’s a ripped denim shorts. It’s also trendy and popular in 2017. And there are two fashionable hollows on the legs.

Ericdress Solid Color Round Toe Sneakers

It’s better to wear sneakers to go out to travel. This is also a trendy item in 2017 which is a pair of solid color round toe sneakers. The increased soles and decoration of the back upper are all unique.

Ericdress Summer Beach Dome Crown All-Matched Straw Hat

Ericdress Luxury Rhinestone Sunglasses For Women

It’s very important to block the sun, especially for women and girls. In addition to rub sunscreen, it’s necessary to wear sunhat and sunglasses. The first one is a dome straw sunhat. The shape is simple and fashionable. The size is just right and the color is bright. The second one is rhinestone sunglasses. It looks gorgeous and luxury.

Have a happy International Labour Day and a great journey!

Clear Sky & Fresh Air After The Rain

Do you like rainy days? Someone like it, but someone doesn’t like it. Maybe people like it sometimes, but hate it occasionally. Rainy day gives people a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, but takes some inconvenient of going out. Anyway, moderate rain is good. It can nourish the earth, and everything is nourished. And now, there are more and more impurities in the air and the air quality is getting worse. The rain has a good effect of purifying the air.

Fresh Air After The Rain

So, the sky is particularly clear and the air is quiet fresh after the rain. This time is very suitable for outdoor activities. I think it’s the best to go to the country farmland. On the vast fields, all kinds of vegetation are hanging crystal rain, and the air is filled with fragrant soil fragrance. It’s pretty nice. If you don’t have much time, the city’s park, or the yard at home is also a good choice.

Clear Sky After The Rain

As girls and women, we should be beautiful anytime. It must be very beautiful to wearing a long dress working under blue sky with rainbow outdoors. Do you think so? Then we recommend several beautiful maxi dresses to beauty girls and women from

Ericdress Solid Color Sqaure Neck Lantern Sleeve Maxi Dress

Ericdress Plain Lace Patchwork Expansion Maxi Dress

Ericdress Polka Dots Half Sleeve Round Neck Expansion Maxi Dress

The first one is a pure purple sqaure neck lantern sleeve maxi dress. The lantern sleeves are beautiful. The second one is a plain lace patchwork expansion maxi dress. I like the sexy lace sleeves. The last one is a polka dots half sleeve round neck expansion maxi dress. This dress is a good choice for the person who loves polka dots style. Now this season, the temperature is moderate and it’s suitable to wear these three dresses.

Hope all you have a nice mood every day!

The Designer Wedding Dresses in 2017

2017 is coming and spring is a good season to have wedding party. Then what are wedding dresses trendy this year? Let’s look some designer wedding dresses. New York wedding fashion week is a good wedding dress camp.

Lela Rose 2017 spring and summer series

1996 Lela Rose designed wedding dresses independently. Her intricate design and fine idea help her design a large number of wedding dresses successfully and completed the ideal as a famous designer.

The series this season is collision of minimalist and personality. Let wedding dresses show the side of personality in the white material through the tailor.

Lela Rose 2017 spring and summer series-1

Lela Rose 2017 spring and summer series-2

Lela Rose 2017 spring and summer series-3

Carolina Herrera 2017 spring and summer series

Carolina Herrera leading is a brand leading American elegance wave which the aristocratic ladies and stars love from the beginning of the establishment.

The design style is elegant and simple, retro and modern, sophisticated and romantic. It’s to show the perfect feeling of overall contour from wedding veil to wedding dress, blending the bride into one soft body.

The entire series are memorable including lace, embroidery, silk, yarn and multi-layer three-dimensional skirt.

Carolina Herrera 2017 spring and summer series-1

Carolina Herrera 2017 spring and summer series-2

Carolina Herrera 2017 spring and summer series-3

Naeem Khan 2017 spring and summer series

Naeem Khan is the same name brand of Indian designer Naeem Khan.

November 2009, The United States first lady Michelle Obama wore a golden strapless dress with a beige shawl to attend the National luncheon for the Indian visitor in White House.

This also makes the designer series widely known.

Naeem Khan 2017 spring and summer series-1

Naeem Khan 2017 spring and summer series-2

Naeem Khan 2017 spring and summer series-3

Ericdress also designed many beautiful wedding dresses 2017 for customers. Welcome to visit:

Ericdress wedding dresses 2017-1

Ericdress wedding dresses 2017-2

Ericdress wedding dresses 2017-3

Who said long coats cannot match with flat shoes?

In the winter, it should belong to long coats. Women wearing long coats in winter are very cool and stylish. But for the long coats, many women have a misunderstanding that they cannot match with flat shoes. In fact, wearing long coats matching with flat shoes, the overall style is quite fashionable.

Loafer is just a good choice. It’s another special taste wearing loafer full of art flavor to match with long coats. The loafer has a kind of thick British style. Wearing it, women’s temperament is doubled.

Loafer Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Loafer Matching with Long Coats Style-2

Loafer Matching with Long Coats Style-3

It’s also great loafer match with nine point jeans. The retro flavor is richer.

Loafer and Nine Point Jeans Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Loafer and Nine Point Jeans Matching with Long Coats Style-2

Loafer and Nine Point Jeans Matching with Long Coats Style-3

In addition, ballet shoes are also a good choice. But remember to wear tight pants to let you look tall and thin.

Ballet Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Ballet Matching with Long Coats Style-2

Of course, a variety of comfortable casual shoes and sports shoes can also be used to match with long coats. The checked casual shoes, pointed toe casual shoes and white shoes are all good.

Checked Casual Shoes Matching with Long Coats Style

Pointed Toe Casual Shoes Matching with Long Coats Style

Sports Shoes Matching with Long Coats Style

White Casual Shoes Matching with Long Coats Style

Flat ankle boots are necessary items in winter for women. Flat ankle boots are cool. Matching with long coats, the style is cooler. And black boots are the best choices.

Flat Black Ankle Boots Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Flat Black Ankle Boots Matching with Long Coats Style-2

Flat Black Ankle Boots Matching with Long Coats Style-3

And flat knee hoots are items to make women look taller. It’s still great to match with long coats. Little women should have a try.

Flat Knee High Boots Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Flat Knee High Boots Matching with Long Coats Style-2

The collocation of Jeans and knee high boots is casual and the combination of skirts and knee high boots is sexy. It let you be little sexy women in this cold winter.

Flat Knee High Boots with Skirts Matching with Long Coats Style-1

Flat Knee High Boots with Skirts Matching with Long Coats Style-2

Flat Knee High Boots with Skirts Matching with Long Coats Style-3

If you need long coats, flats, ankle boots and knee high boots, Ericdress is a good store online.

Wearing parka is another style in winter

In the cold winter, we need to keep warm, and as women, we also cannot forget styles. Parka has the warmth of down coats, but have no the bloated feeling. And parka let women look cooler. So, parka is really a good choice in winter for women. Then how to wear parka? Let’s talk together.

Army green parka is the most classic. It can match with many clothes, such as sweaters, hoodies, shirts and even dresses. If you wear suitably, you can make good layering feeling.

Parka Matching with Shirt Style

Parka Matching with Whiter Sweater Style

Parka Matching with Red Sweater Style

It’s great that parkas match with turtleneck sweaters. It looks good and vintage. In winter, it’s absolutely warm.

Parkas Matching with Turtleneck Sweaters Style

If you want your legs look thinner, matching with leggings or tights is good choice. The whole person looks wide above and narrow below.

Parkas Matching with Leggings Style-1

Parkas Matching with Leggings Style-2

Then there will be some much more soft beauty when parkas match with dresses. Compared with matching with pants, it’s another style.

Parkas Matching with Dresses Style-1

Parkas Matching with Dresses Style-2

About shoes, sneakers are also good choices apart from ankle boots. It let women look younger and energetic. You will more fresh wearing in the dark winter.

Parkas Matching with Sneakers Style-1

Parkas Matching with Sneakers Style-2

If you want to add points to your shape, choose a knitted hat. It’s really stylish.

Parkas Matching with Knitted Hats Style-1

Parkas Matching with Knitted Hats Style-2

When parkas match with scarves, try to choose a simple color.

Parkas Matching with Scarves Style-1

Parkas Matching with Scarves Style-2

Black parka is also a good choice. But for other colors parkas, please choose carefully.

Splicing Parka

Blue Parka

Red Parka

It’s cool, right? Women should have a parka at least in this winter.