How To Wear A Silk Scarf?

How To Tie A Scarf?

“When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman.”

–Audrey Hepburn

From the moment the silk scarf rises, it seems that having a silk scarf is a symbol of fashion.

Then how to wear a scarf? I believe that the first thing you think of is to tie it  around your neck. Yes, this is the most basic use of silk scarves.

1. The silk scarf is tied to the neck and has a high degree of daily use and adds detail.
A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

In fact, in addition to knotting on the neck, the following loose system is not bad.

The silk scarf is attached to the neck loosely.

Hanging around the neck is also very chic, the drooping silk scarf can visually extend the neck, making the whole person look tall and thin.

Hanging the silk scarf around the neck is also very chic.

2. Tie the silk scarf to the head. Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. Blogger Jenny Walton also likes to tie the silk scarf to her head. With a little heart, the whole person will light up from the head.

Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. 

If you are afraid to put on the head of the Middle East to wear the atmosphere of the local tyrants, it is better to try to use the silk scarf as a rubber band, the fresh girlie feeling can easily be get. Use a silk scarf instead of a leather ring, even a simple ponytail is super fashionable!

Use the silk scarf as a rubber band.

3. Scarves can also change earrings. Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration. The hard-boned earrings are soft and beautiful with scarves, and they also have human touch.

Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration.

4. Attaching the scarf to your hand is the most chic bracelet!

Chic silk scarf bracelets.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arm, in addition to fashion, can actually cover the flab.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arms.

5. The scarves can be attached to the wrist, what is impossible on the ankle?

Attached the silk scarf to the ankle.

Whether it’s a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake. Even if you are a preppy style, a silk scarf will instantly transform you into a sweet preppy look.

Whether it's a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake.

6. Silk scarves tops! Can you imagine that the silk scarf can be worn on the show one day? TOD’S did just that.

Silk scarves tops.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Beyoncé is even more powerful, and the red apron is directly used as a concert.

Beyoncé use the red apron directly as a concert.

7. Replace the belt with a silk scarf. The use of silk scarves as a belt is definitely a big killing trick to save the monotonous match. The colorful silk scarves are tied around the waist, and the texture of different fabrics immediately lights up the entire look!

Replace the belt with a silk scarf. 

8. Wrap the bag with silk scarf! The silk scarf is attached to the bag as an accessory, which not only protects the handle that is most prone to wear, but also serves as part of the bag decoration. A silk scarf is attached to the bag, which not only improves the grade, but also can be taken at any time to embellish your overall match. The single color of the bag, with a colorful silk scarf, has a new soul!

Wrap the bag with silk scarf!

Of course, the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves. This is what summer should look like.

the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves.

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Beautiful Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses Get Extra Points For Your Wedding

Beautiful Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses

Your wedding is imminent? Is everything ready? If not, Ericdress can help you which is a good fashion clothing store online. There are all kinds of wedding things to use, such as the most important wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, as well as wedding veils, tiaras, bouquet, invitations and so on. All the this is on this page: And the wedding checklist can give you a guide.

Do not forget one of the important things, which is the bridesmaid dresses. Beautiful bridesmaids can give the wedding glory. I thinks you must have beautiful bridesmaids. Here choose beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids. If your wedding is one the beautiful spring or summer, colorful bridesmaid dresses are nice.

V Neck A Line Bridesmaid Dress

The first one is a sweet pink bridesmaid dress. What a beautiful tulle long bridesmaid dress! The style is simple v-neck a-line, but it looks so beautiful, right?

Two Pieces A Line Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

This is also a sweet pink and graceful tulle bridesmaid dress. It’s a fashionable two pieces ankle length bridesmaid dress. The floral top with halter neck is chic.

Tulle Two Pieces Asymmetry Bridesmaid Dress

Another fashionable two pieces ankle length bridesmaid dress. It’s trendy sequin top. Do you like? The champagne color looks elegant.

Sweetheart Long A Line Bridesmaid Dress

A gentlewoman long bridesmaid dress! The top is light pink and the skirt is white. And it’s nice sweatheart neck.

Long Sleeves High Low Bridesmaid Dress

The last one is a beautiful purple knee length bridesmaid dress. It’s pretty long sleeve lace top, and the skirt is high-waisted matte satin.

Have not seen enough? More beautiful bridesmaids dresses are here:

Looking Sexy On A Christmas Day Tips

Christmas day is a great day and everyone wants to look hot on a great day. People start preparing for Christmas as early as two months prior. People prepare in different ways and styles. Everything on Christmas day looks beautiful and that is why you will see beautiful Christmas trees, balloons, decorations and sweet music. If everything around looks beautiful, why don’t you compliment the situation even if you are not part of the celebration? Below are some of the coolest styles you can come up with and beat the odds.



Miniskirt can be very beautiful if you work out on different things before wearing them. The main reason why people wear miniskirts is to show off their sexy legs. Before you show off those nice legs, make sure they look sexy. Shave all the hair, do you nails and treat them to be sparkling and outstanding. Wearing miniskirts with open shoes especially high heels is advisable. Do not overdo the miniskirt thing and put on very short skirts. Remember you want to look sexy and maintain your dignity at the same time.

White color for hotter days

White color for hotter days

In most cases, we celebrate Christmas outdoors. We may encounter hot sunny days in different places. For sunny days, we advise you to put on white. White has a reputation of reflecting sunlight away and this will help to keep you cool. A nice white combination will make you shine and capture the attention of everyone who can see. White color symbolizes peace and being on Christmas day, this will definitely work for you.

Match your shade to your dress

Match your shade to your dress

Only people with a fashion taste can recognize this. Matching shades to your dress on a Christmas day is sexy. This will look like your shades are mirroring your dress. designed a lot of sexy Christmas clothing and costumes for you. Come to choose!

Tips For Shopping In Instabul

Instabul has bazaars, numerous shopping malls and open markets to provide you a great shopping experience besides the opportunities and beauties. Below is some advice on how to shop in Instabul.

Don’t carry cash

Nearly all shops in Instabul accept debit cards and credit cards. You can buy an awesome cloth like the one below using a debit or credit card.

Ericdress Stand Collar Ruffle Sleeves Back Hollow Bodycon Dress


There are numerous malls available in Instabul although the history of shopping malls in Instabul doesn’t go far back. In these malls, you can find everything you want. You can access the malls from most districts and a standard shopping mall in Instabul accommodates clothing stores, technology stores, bookstores and food courts that have many options to eat. You can get beautiful hats in the malls such us the one below.

Snowflake Knitting Hat


In Instabul, there are several avenues and streets which are famous for shopping spots especially the Tesvikiye and Valikonagi avenues that are in Nispetiye, Nisantasi in Bagdat and Etiler Avenue on the Anatolian side which offer famous brands, cafes and restaurants. There are also numerous shops and stores with different themes on the Istiklal Avenue.

The Historical bazaars

Istanbul’s historical bazaars are famous in the world. The grand bazaar is the top destination on the list that has been visited by everyone coming to Instabul so as to feel the historical atmosphere and also witness the colorful exchange there. This is just a fantasy fulfilled aside from shopping. The grand bazaar is established in an area that measures 45000 square meters and hosts around 3600 stores and shops. The grand bazaar is vibrant and every minute it is opened, you can find many visitors ready to buy carpets, souvenirs, decorative items and jewelry such as the one in the photo below.

Ericdress Long Diamante Water Drop Earrings

Important Reasons Why You Need To Shop Online

The internet has taken over businesses including the clothing business. Most retail shops also maintain internet presence so that they can pull in customers from the internet. Have you ever asked yourself why online shopping is getting popular? Well, if you do not do your shopping online then you need to reconsider your stand because the following advantages of shopping online might change your mind.

Being able to compare different items

At the comfort of your chair and a computer with internet connection, you can compare thousands of products. You can even use your phone. This will enable you compare different colors, sizes and styles, a thing not possible with real retail shops. Comparing clothes manually can be breath taking and time consuming. This can mislead you to buy the wrong item. Online shops on the other hand give you a platform to view photos of clothes from different angles as shown below.

Ericdress Beautiful Illusion Neckline Lace A Line Beach Wedding Dress-1

Ericdress Beautiful Illusion Neckline Lace A Line Beach Wedding Dress-2

Ericdress Beautiful Illusion Neckline Lace A Line Beach Wedding Dress-3

Ericdress Beautiful Illusion Neckline Lace A Line Beach Wedding Dress-4

Ericdress Beautiful Illusion Neckline Lace A Line Beach Wedding Dress


When doing shopping online, one can have the privilege of reading other people’s reviews. Positive reviews show that the cloth is of a good quality while negative reviews shows that the cloth is not worth buying.

Time saving

When shopping manually, you can end up wasting a lot of time and energy. You can move from shop to shop and still not get what you are looking for. For online shopping on the other hand, you can simply move from one website to another with less effort until you get the website that sells what you are looking for. There are different online shopping sites that sell different types of clothes. Your job is just to search the type of dress you are looking for and you will get a variety of dresses to choose from. Examples of online shopping websites include, and many more.

Correct Fashionable Clothing For A Shopping Occasion

What you choose to wear when going for shopping has a great impact on your whole shopping experience. A wrong outfit can slow you down, frustrate you or even prevent you from trying clothes on. It can also cause you to overspend. You buy a cloth swearing to bring it back if it doesn’t fit only never to do it. You get stuck with something you do not want.

Pull-on Pants

Ericdress Formal Flared Pants

Putting off and on skinny jeans in dressing rooms can be very annoying. Anything clinging to the legs and requiring some stabilization to get it on is not recommended. Tight leggings, jeans should be left at home. Go for a pair of slouch front trousers that has no buttons or zippers so you can pull them on and off with ease.

Slip-on Flats

Ericdress Cute Cartoon Slip-on Canvas Flats

Shoes with laces should be avoided as well as boots and any other shoe that has complicated straps, zippers and buckles. A simple slip on sneaker, mule or a flat oxford slipper can carry you through the mall in style to ensure that you can try on things with ease.

Simple Loose Fitting Tank

Ericdress Floral Embroideried Backless Tank Top

Button down shirts, silk blouses, and tops with fussy necklines which require an exceptional amount of delicacy to remove are not advisable. Wear breezy cotton tank which can be thrown on and off with ease without ruining it or straining.

Open Front Sweater

Ericdress Plain Cardigan Men's Sweater

An effortless open front sweater can bundle things up. You will feel relieved when you do not have to pull a tight sweater on and off forcing you to deal with static cling. Make the items you need to pull over your head as less as possible. This will help you test everything you wish to buy and walk home satisfied.

Charming Fashionable Outfits For The First Date

Getting dressed for the first date can be hectic and nerve-racking just like the date itself. Most people spend too much time planning for the perfect outfit. Some even go and ask for ideas from their friends. To avoid all the hassle, we have come up with fashionable ways to rock the date.

Casual T-Shirt and Leather Pants

This is a smart casual wear that will make you look good on your first date. The style will bring out your creative personality and not reveal your weaknesses to your partner. It will prompt your partner to want to know you more as you are just unpredictable.

Casual T-Shirt and Leather Pants

Maxi Dress and White Sneakers

This will bring out your beauty. It has a slit to show some of your beautiful thighs. Flat shoes are always the best on the first date. They help you compare your actual height with your new partner. High heels on the first date can be deceiving and won’t bring out the actual comparison.

Maxi Dress and White Sneakers

Playful Romper And Flat Sandals

If your date is in an informal place, it would be nice for you to give him that flirty look. The colorful dress will bring out your sense of style, and you might end up receiving countless compliments from your date. The outfit should not be accompanied with much jewelry. Just one simple necklace and one handbag can do.

Playful Romper And Flat Sandals

White T shirt and Dainty Necklaces

Show that calm look and peaceful personality with the white T shirt. Compliment it with a few jewelry and some shades. Wear white sneakers to match the t shirt and put on some skinny jeans. Make sure that the jeans are not too tight on you. With this attire, he might hug you after the date.

White T shirt and Dainty Necklaces

How To Dress Your Kid On A Thanksgiving Day

Most people are selfish, and I would say that I am not happy about it. Why do people only concentrate on themselves and forget about the kids on special occasions such as the Thanksgiving Day? A kid deserves to look good too. When you go out to buy the nice stuff for yourself, do not forget about the kid. Kids might not complain but believe it or not, kids appreciate wearing nice stuff. My kid was barely two years, and he would not let me remove a nice cloth he is wearing simply because he liked it. Sometimes he would refuse to wear something he doesn’t like. Kids have a sense of fashion, and we should not deny them the privilege. Below are some cool thanksgiving clothes for the kids.

Gobbler turkey costume

The costume stands out for any child, any gender. In fact, if I was a child, I would appreciate this very much. The problem is that I am not and therefore I would appreciate it if any child puts this one on. The costume is complete and colorful from head to toe. It will also keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Thanksgiving Gobbler Turkey Costume

Little Indian Outfit

A child needs to look like a star on Thanksgiving Day. The little Indian outfit does it all. It is made in style, and this will be memorable. Take some photos of your kid wearing this outfit and keep for him for future reference. He will definitely appreciate it when he grows up.

Thanksgiving Little Indian Outfit

My first thanksgiving bid

You may decide not to go full blow turkey on the kid but at least purchase for him or her a My thanks giving bid. It is easy and simple, but to your kid, it is the best thing you did for him or her.

First Thanksgiving Bid

Online clothing store will do Thanksgiving sales, and this is the page for kid’s clothes:

Fashion Tips For A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us officially. After making a trip home, it is time now to figure what to wear. The thing is, you want to look good and stay relevant to that particular occasion. Before we go to thanksgiving dressing tips, it is important to note that not all thanksgiving dinners are the same. Some might be filled with family and home cooking while others may be spent at a restaurant. Below are some of styled fashion outfits for any type of thanksgiving event.

At home

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

When the thanksgiving is done at home, it is very important to have as much comfort as possible. You may need to go for an oversized sweater and PJ-like bottoms for a cozy look that is stylish. Put on this with bold timepiece and loafers.

Meeting parents

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Parents

This is a very important occasion for the meeting parties. It is important to make a good impression and stick to a classic dress that has a rich holiday color. Pair your fun accessories with the simple frock. A gold clutch and bejeweled plus some lace-up boots can add a plenty of eye-catching looks.

Friends giving

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends

When you are spending your holiday with a second family calls in for a casual but well fashion look. A chunky turtleneck can say it all. This will keep your chick and toasty. You can add statement shoes like a black bootie that has metallically detailing to spice up a minimal ensemble.

Family reunion

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Families

It has been a while since you met together with your entire family and now is the day you want to meet. The best advice when you want to meet someone you haven’t met for a long time is dress to impress. Try out a black sheath dress with gold detailing. You can pair this with a statement earring and a classic black pump.

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How To Shop Cyber Monday Without Losing Your Mind

Shopping holidays are important to most people. People wait anxiously for these days but sometimes end up being frustrated. Shopping can disappoint you especially when you do not know where to shop and what you want. This is the reason we come for your rescue and relieve you the hassle.
Research deals
Research is the foundation of most successful things in the world. Before you rush off to the store or load go-to retailers in your browser, you need to look into the deals prior so that you can come up with a game plan. Do some research online and this includes searching for some leaked ads on the internet, downloading apps, signing up for retailers and newsletters and following your favorite retailers. Below are some of the deals on discount.

Ericdress Black Friday A-Line Bateau Appliques Split-Front Evening Dress With Long Sleeves

Strategic shopping
The types of deals you can get on cyber Monday differ with those you can get on black Friday. Better deals can be gotten in certain departments than others. You can check out top discounts that are expected during these days. Check out some of the hottest deals here

Ericdress Black Friday Long Sleeves Two Pieces Lace Evening Dress

Make a list
Make a list of top retail stores that you want to visit and the products that you want to buy. If you plan to do shopping online, bookmark the websites you want to visit in advance and set a reminder so that you won’t miss any cool deals. You can make a list of different types of dresses, sizes, colors, design and so on.

Ericdress Black Friday Sexy One Shoulder Split-Front Lace A-Line Sweep Train Evening Dress

Outline what you want to spend on each product you want to buy. It is easy to get caught up buying stuff you had not budget for and finishing the cash before you buy the most important things.

The above party dresses come from online store The Black Friday Clothing Sales is underway, and the Cyber Monday Clothing Sales is coming soon.