Wearing Beautiful Clothing To Go To Travel On International Labour Day

It will be May 1 after four days. It just is International Labour Day. Most countries’ Labour Day is on May 1, such as France, Sweden and China. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the contribution of the working class to society and economy. The story is that on May 1, 1886, the United States held a large-scale strike and demonstrations, focusing on about 350000 people. The demonstrators demanded improved working conditions and an eight-hour working system. May 3, the Chicago government dispatched police to suppress, and shot to the crowd, killing four people, and there are numerous victims. Until 1935, eight-hour working system has finally been established in the law.

Now, International Labour Day has been a happy festival. Many people go to travel during the holiday, especially office workers. In early May, this time the climate is just right which is no longer cold and not so hot. And it’s full of beauty everywhere outdoor. So, International Labour Day is really a good tourist time.

As females, we should wear beautiful clothing to go to travel. This time, blouse, shorts and sneakers are all good choices. At the same time, don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sunhat to block the sun. Ericdress.com is a good online store to sell all kinds of fashion clothing for women, men and kids. Sure, you can buy good items for your husband and children. Here we introduce you some good items.

Ericdress Wide Shoulder Strap Vertical Stripe Blouse

This is a fashionable stripe blouse. Stripe blouses, t-shirts and even dresses are trendy in 2017. Another, it’s wide shoulder strap and it’s sexy, right? It’s good to match with denim shorts.

Ericdress High Waisted Denim Light Blue Women's Shorts

This is a pair of fashionable high waist denim shorts. In the same time, it’s a ripped denim shorts. It’s also trendy and popular in 2017. And there are two fashionable hollows on the legs.

Ericdress Solid Color Round Toe Sneakers

It’s better to wear sneakers to go out to travel. This is also a trendy item in 2017 which is a pair of solid color round toe sneakers. The increased soles and decoration of the back upper are all unique.

Ericdress Summer Beach Dome Crown All-Matched Straw Hat

Ericdress Luxury Rhinestone Sunglasses For Women

It’s very important to block the sun, especially for women and girls. In addition to rub sunscreen, it’s necessary to wear sunhat and sunglasses. The first one is a dome straw sunhat. The shape is simple and fashionable. The size is just right and the color is bright. The second one is rhinestone sunglasses. It looks gorgeous and luxury.

Have a happy International Labour Day and a great journey!

White Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today is March 14th, and it just is White Valentine’s Day. Another Valentine’s Day! It originated in Europe, popular in Japan, now is popular in the world. Usually, in this day, girls send gifts to boys to express their feelings. Then what gifts usually girls give to boys?

White Valentine’s Day

1. Marshmallow

Speaking of White Valentine’s Day gifts, most popular is marshmallow and candy. But now, if you receive marshmallow on this day, it’s mostly she hates you.

2. Biscuit

Biscuit is also a kind of gift on White Valentine’s Day. If you get biscuits as return on this day, it means “you are my friend”.

3. Candy

Candy is a good gift on White Valentine’s Day, because it means “I like you” or “I agree to know each other”.

4. Cookie

Pure handmade cookie is one of the main gift of White Valentine’s Day. Because Edward El’s inspiration is derived from the pure cookies produced by his wife – Queen’s Love Song, pure handmade cookie represents the girls’ gentle, thoughtful and love on the boys.

5. Mint

Mint is also a good White Valentine’s Day gift. Usually boys give girls as a love keepsake to express that he loves her, and he wants to be with you.

White Valentine’s Day

6. Clothing

Now many people send clothing as gifts on White Valentine’s Day gifts. If you want to choose clothing for him or her, welcome to visit ericdress.com.

Hope all girls and boys have a happy and sweet White Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for Women on Women’s Day

Today is International Working Women’s Day. It’s a festival established on March 8th each year to celebrate the important contributions and achievements of women in the economic, political and social fields. Now International Working Women’s Day has become a global women’s holiday, and this has new significance for both developed and developing countries women.

International Working Women’s Day

This is a day to celebrate women’s achievement, so it is important for women. Now men often send gifts to women to express their wishes. Many people choose flowers as the gifts. It’s good! But only a bouquet of flowers is a bit monotonous, it’s better to choose a beautiful cloth to send together.

Big Discount Clothing at Ericdress.com on International Working Women’s Day.

Ericdress.com is a good choice. There’re clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry for mother, wife, girlfriend and daughter. And there’s a big discount on International Working Women’s Day.

Ericdress Vintage Print Wide Legs Pants Suit

This is a wide legs pants suit. It’s very elegant and more suitable for mother. The style is generous and chic. Wearing it, women will be a fashionable mother.

Ericdress Stand Collar Color Block A Line Dress

This is a color block a-line dress. The colors are spliced very well. The style is simple but unique. And the stand collar designs just right. Wearing it, women look great.

Ericdress Classic Ethnic Stereo Flower Decorated Handbag

What a chic handbag! The style is great, isn’t it? The stereo flower decoration is very nice. And the overall shape of the bag is good. It’s better to match with a long dress or a pair of wide legs pants.

Best wishes to all the women and girls on International Working Women’s Day!

About Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a romantic day. Sure, it also has a romantic with a bit sad story.

The third century AD, the Roman Empire appears comprehensive crisis with economy depression, ruling class corruption and social unrest, people have resisted. The aristocracy brutally suppressed the people and Christians to maintain the rule. At that time, there’s a believer Valentine, arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he touched the daughter of the warden with a frank heart. They love each other, and he got her care. The ruling class ordered him to execute the death penalty. Before his death, he wrote a long suicide note to the warden’s daughter, showing that he was innocent, and that he was well-behaved and deeply attached to the daughter of the warden.

Valentine's Day Story

On February 14th, 270, he was sentenced to death. Later, the Christians sacrificed themselves for the sake of honor and pure love, and the day of the execution was set as “St. Valon’s Day”, later people change it as “Valentine’s Day”.

Then Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers are important, such as flowers, chocolate and cards. In addition, clothing is also a good choice which is more practical. If you want to choose beautiful clothes for your lovers online, welcome to visit ericdress.com. There’re many good clothes for women, men and kids. The Valentine’s Day promotional activities are still in progress that all clothes are up 80% off. This is the beautiful page: http://www.ericdress.com/topic/valentines-day-57.html

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