Good Father’s Day Gifts For Your Father

Father's Day 2018

Father’s Day is coming soon, what gifts will you send to your father? It’s the best time to thank our fathers. If you don’t know what to send, we recommend clothing. Clothing is something that is needed everyday, but because be busy at work, our fathers have no much time to choose and buy clothing for themselves. So select a suitable item as good Father’s Day gift.

Dashiki African Printed Slim Mens Short Sleeve T Shirt

Lapel Long Sleeve Flower Print Slim Casual Men's Shirt

In summer, t-shirts are the most often wear. It’s absolutely good to buy a stylish t-shirt for your father. Another, it is also good to give dad a fashionable shirt and let him wear a new shirt to go to work.

Plain Lace Up Pocket Mens Casual Pants

Plain Lace Up Pocket Men's Beach Board Shorts Swim Trunks

Is your father still wear long pants now? Buy a short pants for him, how about the above one? And if your father still need long pants, the casual pants sell very well at

Bright Mesh Slip on Men's Sneakers

Mesh Color Block Slip-On Men's Sandals

Your father just has no a suitable pair of shoes? It’s easy, the above fashionable mesh slip on sneakers with trendy color yellow and mesh color block slip-on sandals are good!

Rhombus Men's Alloy Belt

Smartwatch A9 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Apple iPhone & Samsung Android Phone

If you would say you cannot choose suitable clothes for your father because you don’t know him body size very well, then you can choose a chic accessary, such as a belt and match.

Cute Christmas Sweaters, Hoodies and Family Pajamas

Ericdress Christmas Clothing Sales

Christmas 2017 is coming, how will you celebrate? Of course, the family must be full of Christmas atmosphere, in addition to the Christmas tree dress up home, we should put on Christmas clothes. Christmas sweaters and hoodies are both good choices. This year, the Christmas family pajamas are also very popular. Choose them online at

Ericdress Christmas Snowman Print Mid-Length Sweater Ericdress Christmas Green Christmas Hooded Knitwear

These two are beautiful Christmas sweaters. Do you like? The first one is a polka dot print mid-length sweater. The snowman and snowflake prints are very cute. The image color is dark blue, and there is another gray one. The second one is a green Christmas hooded sweater. I think the hat and neck are full of Christmas atmosphere.

Ericdress Christmas Santa Claus Classy Cool Hoodie Ericdress Loose Christmas Mid-Length Ugly Cool Hoodie

Two hoodied hoodies full of Christmas elements! The first one is a Christmas Santa Claus hoodie. The big Santa Claus is quite cute. There is another red color. The second one is a blue loose Christmas mid-length ugly hoodie. It’s rows of Christmas elements.

Ericdress Christmas Family Pajamas Letter Women's Suit Ericdress Christmas Family Pajamas Cartoon Print Women's Suit

How cute Christmas family pajamas! The first one is a red striped pajama with Christmas hat for women. The second one is also a red pajama for women, the Santa Claus print pants are about Christmas.

Much more Christmas clothing, such as Christmas dresses, bikini, earrings are just here:

Looking Sexy On A Christmas Day Tips

Christmas day is a great day and everyone wants to look hot on a great day. People start preparing for Christmas as early as two months prior. People prepare in different ways and styles. Everything on Christmas day looks beautiful and that is why you will see beautiful Christmas trees, balloons, decorations and sweet music. If everything around looks beautiful, why don’t you compliment the situation even if you are not part of the celebration? Below are some of the coolest styles you can come up with and beat the odds.



Miniskirt can be very beautiful if you work out on different things before wearing them. The main reason why people wear miniskirts is to show off their sexy legs. Before you show off those nice legs, make sure they look sexy. Shave all the hair, do you nails and treat them to be sparkling and outstanding. Wearing miniskirts with open shoes especially high heels is advisable. Do not overdo the miniskirt thing and put on very short skirts. Remember you want to look sexy and maintain your dignity at the same time.

White color for hotter days

White color for hotter days

In most cases, we celebrate Christmas outdoors. We may encounter hot sunny days in different places. For sunny days, we advise you to put on white. White has a reputation of reflecting sunlight away and this will help to keep you cool. A nice white combination will make you shine and capture the attention of everyone who can see. White color symbolizes peace and being on Christmas day, this will definitely work for you.

Match your shade to your dress

Match your shade to your dress

Only people with a fashion taste can recognize this. Matching shades to your dress on a Christmas day is sexy. This will look like your shades are mirroring your dress. designed a lot of sexy Christmas clothing and costumes for you. Come to choose!

Best Christmas Costumes: Rock Christmas In Style

Christmas day is just around the corner, and some people have already commenced shopping for Christmas. When you do your shopping, do not forget that you need to celebrate in style and have fun too. It is a special day, and you need to keep it as special as possible. There are a collection of costumes you can get for Christmas, and we made the work easy for you. Take a look at the following costumes.

Christmas cozy bat costume

How about some bat style for your kid on Christmas day? This will give her the fun she deserves. When hands are spread, the costume spreads revealing a bat look. The costume comes with a hat that has ears.

Ericdress Halloween Christmas Cozy Bat Girls Costume

Hooded Christmas costume

People are usually got used to the Santa type of outfit. Now creativity, art and fashion have come into effect and even girls have their own Santa like costumes to make them stand out. The hooded costume looks like Santa’s but this one, someone can see your face and your legs are exposed. The hands too are exposed. Perhaps, this is what you need for the next Christmas day.

Ericdress Charming U-Neck Zipper Hooded Christmas Costume

Block Patchwork Halter Christmas

Are you slim with some visible curves? Then this is the correct outfit for you on Christmas day. The costume incorporates some red colors associated with Santa’s costume and green color. It leaves your beautiful hands, legs and face exposed.

Ericdress Color Block Patchwork Halter Christmas Costume

Decorated Christmas costume

Let us move away from what people are used to and bring in some decorations in the costume. Costume provides comfort and beauty. With a belt added to it, it brings out a nice shape. The costume is long sleeved and has the red and white colors associated with Santa. This makes it relevant to the Christmas occasion.

Ericdress Long Sleeve V-Neck Belt-Decorated Christmas Costume

There will be Christmas Clothing Sales at, and the Christmas costumes are all very nice. Just keep attention!

How To Dress Your Kid On A Thanksgiving Day

Most people are selfish, and I would say that I am not happy about it. Why do people only concentrate on themselves and forget about the kids on special occasions such as the Thanksgiving Day? A kid deserves to look good too. When you go out to buy the nice stuff for yourself, do not forget about the kid. Kids might not complain but believe it or not, kids appreciate wearing nice stuff. My kid was barely two years, and he would not let me remove a nice cloth he is wearing simply because he liked it. Sometimes he would refuse to wear something he doesn’t like. Kids have a sense of fashion, and we should not deny them the privilege. Below are some cool thanksgiving clothes for the kids.

Gobbler turkey costume

The costume stands out for any child, any gender. In fact, if I was a child, I would appreciate this very much. The problem is that I am not and therefore I would appreciate it if any child puts this one on. The costume is complete and colorful from head to toe. It will also keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Thanksgiving Gobbler Turkey Costume

Little Indian Outfit

A child needs to look like a star on Thanksgiving Day. The little Indian outfit does it all. It is made in style, and this will be memorable. Take some photos of your kid wearing this outfit and keep for him for future reference. He will definitely appreciate it when he grows up.

Thanksgiving Little Indian Outfit

My first thanksgiving bid

You may decide not to go full blow turkey on the kid but at least purchase for him or her a My thanks giving bid. It is easy and simple, but to your kid, it is the best thing you did for him or her.

First Thanksgiving Bid

Online clothing store will do Thanksgiving sales, and this is the page for kid’s clothes:

Fashion Tips For A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us officially. After making a trip home, it is time now to figure what to wear. The thing is, you want to look good and stay relevant to that particular occasion. Before we go to thanksgiving dressing tips, it is important to note that not all thanksgiving dinners are the same. Some might be filled with family and home cooking while others may be spent at a restaurant. Below are some of styled fashion outfits for any type of thanksgiving event.

At home

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

When the thanksgiving is done at home, it is very important to have as much comfort as possible. You may need to go for an oversized sweater and PJ-like bottoms for a cozy look that is stylish. Put on this with bold timepiece and loafers.

Meeting parents

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Parents

This is a very important occasion for the meeting parties. It is important to make a good impression and stick to a classic dress that has a rich holiday color. Pair your fun accessories with the simple frock. A gold clutch and bejeweled plus some lace-up boots can add a plenty of eye-catching looks.

Friends giving

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends

When you are spending your holiday with a second family calls in for a casual but well fashion look. A chunky turtleneck can say it all. This will keep your chick and toasty. You can add statement shoes like a black bootie that has metallically detailing to spice up a minimal ensemble.

Family reunion

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Families

It has been a while since you met together with your entire family and now is the day you want to meet. The best advice when you want to meet someone you haven’t met for a long time is dress to impress. Try out a black sheath dress with gold detailing. You can pair this with a statement earring and a classic black pump.

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How To Shop Cyber Monday Without Losing Your Mind

Shopping holidays are important to most people. People wait anxiously for these days but sometimes end up being frustrated. Shopping can disappoint you especially when you do not know where to shop and what you want. This is the reason we come for your rescue and relieve you the hassle.
Research deals
Research is the foundation of most successful things in the world. Before you rush off to the store or load go-to retailers in your browser, you need to look into the deals prior so that you can come up with a game plan. Do some research online and this includes searching for some leaked ads on the internet, downloading apps, signing up for retailers and newsletters and following your favorite retailers. Below are some of the deals on discount.

Ericdress Black Friday A-Line Bateau Appliques Split-Front Evening Dress With Long Sleeves

Strategic shopping
The types of deals you can get on cyber Monday differ with those you can get on black Friday. Better deals can be gotten in certain departments than others. You can check out top discounts that are expected during these days. Check out some of the hottest deals here

Ericdress Black Friday Long Sleeves Two Pieces Lace Evening Dress

Make a list
Make a list of top retail stores that you want to visit and the products that you want to buy. If you plan to do shopping online, bookmark the websites you want to visit in advance and set a reminder so that you won’t miss any cool deals. You can make a list of different types of dresses, sizes, colors, design and so on.

Ericdress Black Friday Sexy One Shoulder Split-Front Lace A-Line Sweep Train Evening Dress

Outline what you want to spend on each product you want to buy. It is easy to get caught up buying stuff you had not budget for and finishing the cash before you buy the most important things.

The above party dresses come from online store The Black Friday Clothing Sales is underway, and the Cyber Monday Clothing Sales is coming soon.

Helpful Tips About Dressing For Black Friday

Are you ready to brace the crowds and be embraced on Black Friday shopping? Do you even know what is to be worn on Black Friday? Pick a stylish; practical outfit for Black Friday shopping that will have you stand out. Remember this is about layers. The temperature of the day is not going to be the same. It might be super cold in the morning but by noon, the temperature might be very hot.

Skip the heels

Skip the heels

You need comfortable shoes that you can sprint with. There is going to be a lot of activities and if you are going to wear heels, they will end up slowing you down. Go for light sport shoes that are flat. The ones you fit in. make sure the shoes are not too big and too small.

Nude strapless bra is safe

Nude strapless bra is safe

We want you to look sexy, so we advise you to go for a bra that looks good under multiple fabrics and necklines. Go for a bra that is not too tight or too loose. Something fitting will work out for you.

Light layers are important

Light layers are important

You want to put on different layers so that when the temperature starts to rise, you can remove some of the upper layers. Light layers will do the work. Remember that two lighter layers can keep you warmer than one thick layer because the air it holds between the layers insulates heat from escaping. This is to ensure that the two lighter layers keep you warm during the cold part of the day. When the temperature rises, you are free to remove the upper layers. Lighter layers are also important because they will keep you from getting tired, unlike heavy layers. You can carry a backpack so that you can store some of the clothes when you are not using them.

Ericdress crazy Black Friday Clothing sales

Ericdress crazy Black Friday Clothing sales is underway, and welcome to visit:

Wearing Beautiful Clothing To Go To Travel On International Labour Day

It will be May 1 after four days. It just is International Labour Day. Most countries’ Labour Day is on May 1, such as France, Sweden and China. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the contribution of the working class to society and economy. The story is that on May 1, 1886, the United States held a large-scale strike and demonstrations, focusing on about 350000 people. The demonstrators demanded improved working conditions and an eight-hour working system. May 3, the Chicago government dispatched police to suppress, and shot to the crowd, killing four people, and there are numerous victims. Until 1935, eight-hour working system has finally been established in the law.

Now, International Labour Day has been a happy festival. Many people go to travel during the holiday, especially office workers. In early May, this time the climate is just right which is no longer cold and not so hot. And it’s full of beauty everywhere outdoor. So, International Labour Day is really a good tourist time.

As females, we should wear beautiful clothing to go to travel. This time, blouse, shorts and sneakers are all good choices. At the same time, don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sunhat to block the sun. is a good online store to sell all kinds of fashion clothing for women, men and kids. Sure, you can buy good items for your husband and children. Here we introduce you some good items.

Ericdress Wide Shoulder Strap Vertical Stripe Blouse

This is a fashionable stripe blouse. Stripe blouses, t-shirts and even dresses are trendy in 2017. Another, it’s wide shoulder strap and it’s sexy, right? It’s good to match with denim shorts.

Ericdress High Waisted Denim Light Blue Women's Shorts

This is a pair of fashionable high waist denim shorts. In the same time, it’s a ripped denim shorts. It’s also trendy and popular in 2017. And there are two fashionable hollows on the legs.

Ericdress Solid Color Round Toe Sneakers

It’s better to wear sneakers to go out to travel. This is also a trendy item in 2017 which is a pair of solid color round toe sneakers. The increased soles and decoration of the back upper are all unique.

Ericdress Summer Beach Dome Crown All-Matched Straw Hat

Ericdress Luxury Rhinestone Sunglasses For Women

It’s very important to block the sun, especially for women and girls. In addition to rub sunscreen, it’s necessary to wear sunhat and sunglasses. The first one is a dome straw sunhat. The shape is simple and fashionable. The size is just right and the color is bright. The second one is rhinestone sunglasses. It looks gorgeous and luxury.

Have a happy International Labour Day and a great journey!

White Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today is March 14th, and it just is White Valentine’s Day. Another Valentine’s Day! It originated in Europe, popular in Japan, now is popular in the world. Usually, in this day, girls send gifts to boys to express their feelings. Then what gifts usually girls give to boys?

White Valentine’s Day

1. Marshmallow

Speaking of White Valentine’s Day gifts, most popular is marshmallow and candy. But now, if you receive marshmallow on this day, it’s mostly she hates you.

2. Biscuit

Biscuit is also a kind of gift on White Valentine’s Day. If you get biscuits as return on this day, it means “you are my friend”.

3. Candy

Candy is a good gift on White Valentine’s Day, because it means “I like you” or “I agree to know each other”.

4. Cookie

Pure handmade cookie is one of the main gift of White Valentine’s Day. Because Edward El’s inspiration is derived from the pure cookies produced by his wife – Queen’s Love Song, pure handmade cookie represents the girls’ gentle, thoughtful and love on the boys.

5. Mint

Mint is also a good White Valentine’s Day gift. Usually boys give girls as a love keepsake to express that he loves her, and he wants to be with you.

White Valentine’s Day

6. Clothing

Now many people send clothing as gifts on White Valentine’s Day gifts. If you want to choose clothing for him or her, welcome to visit

Hope all girls and boys have a happy and sweet White Valentine’s Day!