Choose Lipstick According to Skin Color

Beautiful women must paint on delicate makeup to go out. And lipstick is an important and key point. Then it’s the best way to choose lipstick according to skin color. Then how to choose lipstick according to skin color? The most basic way is to let lip remains the natural state, choose lipstick which the color is deeper one or two colors, and smear half of the lip, then do comparison with the other half of the lip. Having a clearer knowledge probably for the effect of the lipstick, you can pick your lipstick.

If you want your lips look thin, you can choose some of the deep colors. And if you want increase the fullness of the lips, you can pick bright luster.

Sure, choosing lipsticks according to skin colors is the most secure method.

1. pale skin

For pale skin, nude color is the most suitable color, and you can also try pink and peach. If you want to challenge some bold colors, you can consider the red. But the red must be based on the blues as much as possible. In addition to these, they’re all good choices from beige to pale coral. But some colors are the bane for pale skin, such as brown. Whether it’s wine red or chocolate, do not try. Such colors make mouth look sad, they erase the attraction.

lipstick colors for pale skin

2. Olive skin

If your skin is olive biased, you don’t use the bright red color lipsticks, and red or orange-red color also isn’t suitable. Conversely you can try berry shades or hues of coral. These lipsticks can bring such great effect for your lip.

If you must use the red, try to use warm colors, such as brown-red would be more appropriate than blue-red. Purple and dark coffee colors are also not ideal, but purplish red or rose is more appropriate relatively.

lipstick colors for olive skin

3. Partial black skin

For women with dark color skin, the dark red is a great choice, and brown-red or blue-red does not matter. In addition, soft coral or orange is also a good choice. From chocolate to plum color, optional lipsticks colors are numerous. For the daily makeup, personally I recommend the caramel color. If attending the nocturnal activity, you can choose, you can choose purplish hue.

It must be taken to avoid the lipstick which the color is white or mixed a lot of white color effect. Such colors make skin appears darker and looks very discordant.

lipstick colors for partial black skin

4. How to select lipstick according to the well-being background color of skin?

If you don’t understand your skin background belongs to which color, you can allow the sunlight shine directly on your wrist. Warm skin veins will be greenish, and skin veins color of cold skin will be more bluish. If you still cannot ensure your skin color in this method, then you should have a neutral skin tones. Neutral skins are more freedom in the selection of lipsticks, you just choose boldly and then the favorite one is the best one.

The warm skins (We usually also believe such skins are yellow.) are more inclined to choose partial blue-red lipsticks. But don’t try purple lipsticks as much as possible, because purple will make warm skins look more yellow, and even visually affect the tooth color. Bronze or nude color with gloss is also a good choice.

Cold skins are more suitable for peach or orange lipsticks. If the skin is not very pale, then bronze or coral lipstick also has a good affect. Of course, lipsticks with brown background are more appropriate, otherwise not recommend blue-red.

How to select lipstick according to the well-being background color of skin?

Finally, say some other topics. In fact, expect of lipsticks, lip multi painting is also a good choice of make-up, although young girls not much accustomed to using lip liner. Drawing a good lip line, not only increase the fullness of the lips, but also the makeup can be keep for a long time.

Drawing from the middle, a little padding extends to the edge portion. Want to make the lip makeup pretty enough, you can dry the lip after finished makeup, the fill again makeup color. So drawn lips are very beautiful~

lip multi painting is also a good choice of make-up

The principle to select lipsticks according to the skin color is generally so few, still I hope women can find the most suitable lipstick color, and show people perfect state every day.