Stylish Twist Back Sweaters For Women


In fall, it’s time to wear sweaters. The sweaters is a must item for autumn fashion, so be sure to choose the right one~

Then what kind of sweater is trendy this year? Stylish twist back sweaters! The back has always been an important part of women’s sexy expression. This year’s sweater is making a fuss about the back. I think you will like.

So, let’s enjoy this stylish sweater here:

Wow, the women all look so fashionable, right? Yeah! The entire twist design on the back makes the sweater become quite vogue. And the big v back is so sexy. You can match with skinny pants like them.

Twist Back Sweater-1

Twist Back Sweater-2 Twist Back Sweater-3

Twist Back Sweater-4

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What Kind Of Pleated Skirts Are Most Popular?

As a woman, there must be a lot of dresses and a few skirts. Then what kind of skirts are trendy? Pleated skirts! Yeah, it’s elegant and charming pleated skirts. Do you have one? Choose one here:

We recommend 4 most popular pleated skirts from online clothing store

1. Corduroy Pleated Skirts

Corduory clothing is popular from 2017 to 2018, you know, such as corduory dresses, corduory pants and corduory bags. And corduory skirts are fond of women, expecially corduory pleated skirts.

The first one is a vogue gold long corduory pleated skirt. There is also a silver color for you.

gold long corduory pleated skirt

The second one is a dark green midi corduory pleated skirt. There are other colors burgundy, gray and black.

dark green midi corduory pleated skirt

The last one is a short corduory pleated skirt, it’s fashionable patchwork style.

short patchwork corduory pleated skirt

2.Mesh Pleated Skirts

Mesh clothes are often sexy, and loved by women. So, why don’t you wear a charming mesh pleated skirt? How about the following two? The first one is a modern mid-calf metallic mesh pleated skirt.

Mid-Calf Metallic Mesh Pleated Skirt

Mesh Mid-Calf Pleated Women's Skirt

3.Chiffon Pleated Skirts

It’s very color wearing chiffon clothes. Chiffon pleated skirts are also very beautiful. For the pink tie front chiffon pleated skirt and the green asymmetrical chiffon pleated skirt, which one do you like more?

Chiffon Broomstick Tie Front Pleated Skirt

Chiffon Asymmetrical Plain Pleated Skirt

4.Woven Fabric Pleated Skirts

In fall and winter, you should have a woven fabric skirt. How about the following short grey pleated skirt?

Short Woven Fabric Pleated Skirts

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How To Wear A Silk Scarf?

How To Tie A Scarf?

“When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman.”

–Audrey Hepburn

From the moment the silk scarf rises, it seems that having a silk scarf is a symbol of fashion.

Then how to wear a scarf? I believe that the first thing you think of is to tie it  around your neck. Yes, this is the most basic use of silk scarves.

1. The silk scarf is tied to the neck and has a high degree of daily use and adds detail.
A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

In fact, in addition to knotting on the neck, the following loose system is not bad.

The silk scarf is attached to the neck loosely.

Hanging around the neck is also very chic, the drooping silk scarf can visually extend the neck, making the whole person look tall and thin.

Hanging the silk scarf around the neck is also very chic.

2. Tie the silk scarf to the head. Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. Blogger Jenny Walton also likes to tie the silk scarf to her head. With a little heart, the whole person will light up from the head.

Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. 

If you are afraid to put on the head of the Middle East to wear the atmosphere of the local tyrants, it is better to try to use the silk scarf as a rubber band, the fresh girlie feeling can easily be get. Use a silk scarf instead of a leather ring, even a simple ponytail is super fashionable!

Use the silk scarf as a rubber band.

3. Scarves can also change earrings. Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration. The hard-boned earrings are soft and beautiful with scarves, and they also have human touch.

Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration.

4. Attaching the scarf to your hand is the most chic bracelet!

Chic silk scarf bracelets.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arm, in addition to fashion, can actually cover the flab.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arms.

5. The scarves can be attached to the wrist, what is impossible on the ankle?

Attached the silk scarf to the ankle.

Whether it’s a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake. Even if you are a preppy style, a silk scarf will instantly transform you into a sweet preppy look.

Whether it's a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake.

6. Silk scarves tops! Can you imagine that the silk scarf can be worn on the show one day? TOD’S did just that.

Silk scarves tops.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Beyoncé is even more powerful, and the red apron is directly used as a concert.

Beyoncé use the red apron directly as a concert.

7. Replace the belt with a silk scarf. The use of silk scarves as a belt is definitely a big killing trick to save the monotonous match. The colorful silk scarves are tied around the waist, and the texture of different fabrics immediately lights up the entire look!

Replace the belt with a silk scarf. 

8. Wrap the bag with silk scarf! The silk scarf is attached to the bag as an accessory, which not only protects the handle that is most prone to wear, but also serves as part of the bag decoration. A silk scarf is attached to the bag, which not only improves the grade, but also can be taken at any time to embellish your overall match. The single color of the bag, with a colorful silk scarf, has a new soul!

Wrap the bag with silk scarf!

Of course, the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves. This is what summer should look like.

the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves.

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Show Fashionable Tie Styles In This Summer

What new style of clothing is there in this summer? Tie style is absolutely one of them, such as tie front, tie back, tie shoulder and tie waist. Yes, women all love tie styles in summer 2018 very much, they wear all kinds of clothes with tie fashion element, such as fashionable tie front bikinis, tie front tops, tie back t shirts, tie shoulder dresses, tie waist pants and so on.

Yellow Tie Front 2-Pcs Bikini Suits

Floral Tie Front Bikini Set

Women's Tie Front Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Tie front clothes are the most common, tie front bikinis, tie front tops and tie front dresses are all fashionable. The above yellow tie front bikini and floral tie front bikini, which one do you like more?

Women's Stripe Color Block Tie Back Tee Shirt

Tie back is also a kind of fashionable tie style. Look at this stripe tie back t shirt, it is simple, but fashionable, right?

Fashionable Tie Shoulder Top Fashionable Tie Shoulder Dress

Tie shoulder clothes are also very beautiful, such as the above tie shoulder top and tie shoulder dress. Because the tie shoulders, the cloth becomes different front others.

Floral Tie Front, Tie Shoulder&Tie Waist Bikini Swimsuits

This bikini shows the tie style incisively and vividly that it sets tie front, tie shoulder and tie waist in one. Can you try it bravely?

Fashionable Tie Waist Pants

Yeah, tie waist is another fashionable tie style, tie pant is the most typical.

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What Kind Of Jumpsuits Are Popular In Summer 2018?

We all know, jumpsuits are very popular these years. Beautiful women wearing various jumpsuits, such as printed or solid color jumpsuits, long or short jumpsuits, jumpsuits pants or skirts, and others are on the street. They look fashionable, stylish, and vogue.

What kind of jumpsuits is popular in summer 2018? Surely short jumpsuits pants. Just look at here:

Floral Print Ruffles Women's Jumpsuits pants

Beautiful floral print short jumpsuits! It’s fashionable off the shoulder strapless style. The ruffle design is great. And I like red very much, and you?

Solid Color Backless Pocket Jumpsuits Pants

Cool jumpsuits pants! This is solid color short jumpsuits, and it’s spiffy backless jumpsuits. The metal belt decoration makes it more fashionable. In addition, are you attracted to the sexy back?

Print Lace-Up Elegant Jumpsuits Pants

Another print jumpsuits. This is an elegant v-neck short jumpsuits pants. The dark color looks cool.

Slash Neck Vest and Shorts Women's Jumpsuits Pants

This is two-pieces jumpsuits including vest and shorts. It’s also trendy printed style. The vest is simple slash neck and the shorts is loose style. Your amazing shoulder and waist will be showed very well. Just get it now.

Lace Shorts Jumpsuits Pants

Wow, sexy jumpsuits! Yeah, this is very short lace jumpsuits pants, do you dare to try? The big ruffle shoulder is that pretty. There are blue, white, black and pink for you.

New Year Print Drawstring Backpack

Now it has been the end of December 2017, 2018 is coming. What good items have you prepared for New Year 2018? Drawstring backpacks are popular this year, do you know? It is generally replaced by a zipper rope, the style is leisure, we feel relaxed and natural back it.  Let’s take a look at the new bags from the online store ericdress here.

Casual Foldable Canvas Drawstring Backpack-Black Casual Foldable Canvas Drawstring Backpack-Pink Casual Foldable Canvas Drawstring Backpack-White

Casual Foldable Canvas Drawstring Backpack

This is a pineapple print drawstring backpack. The style is simple and fashionable. The material is canvas. If you wear a pair of canvas flats with this bag, it will be perfect. The colors are nice, which are clear white, sweet pink and classic black.

Casual Geometric Prints Drawstring Backpack-1 Casual Geometric Prints Drawstring Backpack-2 Casual Geometric Prints Drawstring Backpack

Casual Geometric Prints Drawstring Backpack

This is a geometric print drawstring backpack. The patterns are all unique, such as the first one, it’s a stylish triangles print backpack. It is never too bad to spend a relaxing weekend with this bag on the back. Do you think so?


Outdoor Style Oxford Waterproof Drawstring Backpack-1 Outdoor Style Oxford Waterproof Drawstring Backpack-2 Outdoor Style Oxford Waterproof Drawstring Backpack-3

Outdoor Style Oxford Waterproof Drawstring Backpack

This is a flower print drawstring backpack. There is a zipper on the side. The difference with the first two bags is that the bag is waterproof. You can back it on a rainy day.

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2017 Victorian Secret Show: Angels AA Farewell Show

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-1

We all know of AA, she is the famous Victorian secret angel supermodel. But what do you know else? She is Alessandra Ambrosio. She was born April 11, 1981  in rexim small town, and she is a Brazil supermodel, actor, designer.

Natural beauty and hardworking help she quickly became a favorite designer in the eyes of the model. Alessandra Ambrosio began very early in modeling training in Brazil. She stood out in a beauty contest South Africa at the age of 14 and began her modeling career. Shortly thereafter, she won the elite model competition in Brazil crown, and a fantastic success.

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-2

God gave Alessandra Ambrosio an angelic face. Her beautiful and charming eyes, accompanied by an undisclosed long, curly hair, were enough to create an infinite reverie.

On August 24, 2008, Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth to their first child Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur for her boyfriend Jamie Mazur in Brazil, and the second son Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur was born on January 7.

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-3

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-4

In 2000, AA participated in the “Victoria’s Secret” fashion show. In 2012, she first wore the fantastic Bra, and in 2014, she wore the fantasy bra with Brazilian brawny Adriana Lima. In 2009, she grand open for the “Victoria’s Secret” show.

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-5

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-6

But this year is her last Victoria’s Secret” show. AA will no longer be renewed with the peacekeeping at the expiration of a contract. By then, thecooperation has been last as long as 17 years. The last show, she is quiet wonderful to see her charming smile and flirtatious posture.

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-7

2017 AA Farewell Victorian Secret Show-8

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Trending Women Hairstyles And Hair Bands

A good thing with hairstyles is that you can achieve the best hairstyles in the market even if you don’t have the hair type suitable for that particular hairstyle. You can now join the trends by getting some of the best hairs in the market on Ericdress. Take a look at some of the trending hairstyles.
Kinky Curly Hair
The good thing with this hair is that, after it is attached to your head, you won’t need much effort to maintain it. You can fold it as you want or just leave it to hang on your head. The hair itself is easy to clean as you just need a brush to comb it.

Ericdress Human Hair Kinky Curly 7 PCS Clip In Hair Extension

Lovely Hollow Rose Hair Band
The hair is made of allow material and I would say that this is a sweet style with floral pattern. The length of the hair is about 33cm with an elastic ribbon length of 17cm length. This is the latest hair band from South Korea and it is getting popular all over the globe. The hair band matches with nearly every hair color and everyone can look elegant with it.

Lovely Hollow Rose Hair Band

Swift Long Wavy Hair
This hairstyle is very popular among celebs. It gives you a professional and sexy look. At the front, the hair is trimmed to reach the forehead just above the eyes. At the sides, and at the back, the hair is left to hang. The hair is smooth and easy to comb.

Ericdress Taylor Swift Long Wavy Hair With Full Bangs Capless Human Hair Wigs 20 Inches

African American Wigs
Wigs are becoming very popular. A short wig will give you a chance to show your cute face and you classy earrings. The good thing with the wig is that, no one will realize it is a wig as it resembles real human hair.

Ericdress Jennifer Hudson Short Boy Cuts Straight Human Hair Capless African American Wigs 6 Inches

Print Wear Taking Over Men’s Fashion

Print wear is taking men’s fashion by storm. Right now everyone wants to get a piece of that print wear and go with the trends. You don’t have to be left behind. Print wear is no longer a casual dressing code. It is now officially official and you can still put it on during a casual occasion. The best thing with print shirts and T shirts is that, you can dress with different types of trousers and still look great. There are no restrictions.
Print T-shirts
Nowadays print T shirts are very popular. People no longer go for T shirts because they are printed but people are rather choosy. They will look at how the T shirt is printed and what is printed on it. It is easier to match printed T shirts with a pair of trousers and Shoes to come up with an outstanding outlook. There is also a new trend in the market that you never saw coming. 3D printed T shirts are taking over. 3D printed T shirts are just awesome. When you see the Tees you will think that whatever is printed on them is just real.

Ericdress Color Block Print Round Neck Vogue Slim Men's T-Shirt

Printed Shirts
Nowadays printed shirts are also popular. People have made them official and now you can wear printed shirts to official occasions but you have to be very careful with what is printed on it. You need also to have a keen look at the color matching because mixing a bright colored Shirt with a dull colored pair of trousers is a no. bright goes with bright and dull goes with dull.

Ericdress Lapel Classic Print Long Sleeve Slim Men's Shirt

Printed Hoodies
Nothing looks smart like a printed hood. Camouflage hoods are the most common nowadays. Hoods are casual wear and should be matched with jeans.

Ericdress Color Block Letter Print Cotton Casual Slim Men's Hoodie

Structural Statement Tops that are wearable works of art!

The traditional tops have become invisible since the emergence of structural tops, structural sleeves balloon outward, split in half and swirl into fractal ruffles; asymmetrical blouses, dramatic pleating, and sharply creased shirting; and bows and ties everywhere. These statement tops have brought a new era of work wear with them, a great collection of the same is available on
For many of us, work wear is a way of life. A pressed, buttoned, pleated and sometimes striped; your typical button up shirt means business. With the structural tops, office attire has been reworked into wearable art.
1. Go Crazy with Shoulders
Bare your shoulders with crazy architectural tops. Shoulder cut outs with extravagant detailing, twisted shoulder with ruffled sleeves is what make this style so worth it.

Cold Shoulder Top-1 Cold Shoulder Top-2 Cold Shoulder Top-3

2. Ruffle it all up
We love vintage and we love ruffles, and the structural tops have brought them back to us. Ruffles at neck, at shoulder, at sleeves, and you still won’t be able to get over them. A top that you can pair with your formals, casuals and as well as your party pants!

top with ruffles-1 top with ruffles-2 top with ruffles-3

3. Tie it all up
We are tied up to tie ups. Tie ups are not only well structured but also enhance the curves. Waist tie ups is the step up to belting at the waist. It is elegant, romantic and so unique.

tie up top-1 tie up top-2 tie up top-3

4. Bold Sleeves
From billowy to bell shaped, ruffled to extra long; the more fun you have with the statement sleeve, the more playful your look can be. The sleeves give a bold, dramatic, 80’s look.

Bold Sleeves Top-1 Bold Sleeves Top-2 Bold Sleeves Top-3

Structural Statement tops are the biggest trend of the season. These are the coolest way to up your style game. has a wide range of statement tops (, check it out and pick out your favorites.