How To Wear A Silk Scarf?

How To Tie A Scarf?

“When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman.”

–Audrey Hepburn

From the moment the silk scarf rises, it seems that having a silk scarf is a symbol of fashion.

Then how to wear a scarf? I believe that the first thing you think of is to tie it  around your neck. Yes, this is the most basic use of silk scarves.

1. The silk scarf is tied to the neck and has a high degree of daily use and adds detail.
A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

A small silk scarf is gently circled around the neck, it looks delicate and generous.

In fact, in addition to knotting on the neck, the following loose system is not bad.

The silk scarf is attached to the neck loosely.

Hanging around the neck is also very chic, the drooping silk scarf can visually extend the neck, making the whole person look tall and thin.

Hanging the silk scarf around the neck is also very chic.

2. Tie the silk scarf to the head. Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. Blogger Jenny Walton also likes to tie the silk scarf to her head. With a little heart, the whole person will light up from the head.

Attaching a roll of silk scarf to the hair also creates a dignified and elegant exotic. 

If you are afraid to put on the head of the Middle East to wear the atmosphere of the local tyrants, it is better to try to use the silk scarf as a rubber band, the fresh girlie feeling can easily be get. Use a silk scarf instead of a leather ring, even a simple ponytail is super fashionable!

Use the silk scarf as a rubber band.

3. Scarves can also change earrings. Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration. The hard-boned earrings are soft and beautiful with scarves, and they also have human touch.

Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration.

4. Attaching the scarf to your hand is the most chic bracelet!

Chic silk scarf bracelets.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Match with a coat in winter, the scarf is also very stylish in the cuffs.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arm, in addition to fashion, can actually cover the flab.

Attaching the silk scarf to the arms.

5. The scarves can be attached to the wrist, what is impossible on the ankle?

Attached the silk scarf to the ankle.

Whether it’s a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake. Even if you are a preppy style, a silk scarf will instantly transform you into a sweet preppy look.

Whether it's a casual style or a pair of sweet high heels, silk scarves can add to the icing on the cake.

6. Silk scarves tops! Can you imagine that the silk scarf can be worn on the show one day? TOD’S did just that.

Silk scarves tops.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Bella also put a red silk scarf around her body and put it out.

Beyoncé is even more powerful, and the red apron is directly used as a concert.

Beyoncé use the red apron directly as a concert.

7. Replace the belt with a silk scarf. The use of silk scarves as a belt is definitely a big killing trick to save the monotonous match. The colorful silk scarves are tied around the waist, and the texture of different fabrics immediately lights up the entire look!

Replace the belt with a silk scarf. 

8. Wrap the bag with silk scarf! The silk scarf is attached to the bag as an accessory, which not only protects the handle that is most prone to wear, but also serves as part of the bag decoration. A silk scarf is attached to the bag, which not only improves the grade, but also can be taken at any time to embellish your overall match. The single color of the bag, with a colorful silk scarf, has a new soul!

Wrap the bag with silk scarf!

Of course, the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves. This is what summer should look like.

the seaside resort is equipped with straw bags and silk scarves.

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Summer Fashion Open Shoulder Tops Style

Summer is a nice season to show beauty, all kinds of dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, swimsuits, sandals should be necessary for women. But what kind of tops are popular in this summer? Cold open shoulder top is definitely one. Its main feature is that women’s beautiful shoulders are show out very well.

Cold Open Shoulder Bowknot Blouse

This is a beautiful white open shoulder blouse. The black bowknot on neck is chic, the entire design is simple, but unique. It’s cold chiffon material.

Cold Open Shoulder Hollow Blouse

This is a casual style open shoulder blouse. It’s elegant khaki color, and the entire blouse looks vogue. The body is cold hollow style.

Cold Open Shoulder Vertical Stripe Blouse With Wide Shoulder Strap

This is a fashionable vertical stripe open shoulder blouse. The wide shoulder straps add its fashion feeling.

Loose American Flag Star Stripe Open Shoulder Tee

This is a stylish open shoulder tee. It’s loose American flag star print style.

It’s also very fashionable for plus size women to wear open shoulder top, such as the above  plus size open shoulder blouse.

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Fashion Tips For A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us officially. After making a trip home, it is time now to figure what to wear. The thing is, you want to look good and stay relevant to that particular occasion. Before we go to thanksgiving dressing tips, it is important to note that not all thanksgiving dinners are the same. Some might be filled with family and home cooking while others may be spent at a restaurant. Below are some of styled fashion outfits for any type of thanksgiving event.

At home

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

When the thanksgiving is done at home, it is very important to have as much comfort as possible. You may need to go for an oversized sweater and PJ-like bottoms for a cozy look that is stylish. Put on this with bold timepiece and loafers.

Meeting parents

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Parents

This is a very important occasion for the meeting parties. It is important to make a good impression and stick to a classic dress that has a rich holiday color. Pair your fun accessories with the simple frock. A gold clutch and bejeweled plus some lace-up boots can add a plenty of eye-catching looks.

Friends giving

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends

When you are spending your holiday with a second family calls in for a casual but well fashion look. A chunky turtleneck can say it all. This will keep your chick and toasty. You can add statement shoes like a black bootie that has metallically detailing to spice up a minimal ensemble.

Family reunion

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Families

It has been a while since you met together with your entire family and now is the day you want to meet. The best advice when you want to meet someone you haven’t met for a long time is dress to impress. Try out a black sheath dress with gold detailing. You can pair this with a statement earring and a classic black pump.

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Be winter ready: Check-Mating the mainstreams!

From intricate gingham to oversized tartan print, checks are going to be the hottest trend this winter. This trend was seen on AW17 runways and now is getting visible on every store; this is the best time to grab the best ones. We’ll take a look at the most ingenious way to incorporate this trend into your dressing (everyday or occasional). We have rounded up the most beautiful checked items that you can buy on
1. Statement Suit
Never underestimate the power of a checked suit. We saw many checked suits on the runway and as well as on the streets; a sport-luxe version with bright colored shoulder bag and low top trainers, making the suit less formal by adding a casual bomber jacket on top and what not. Nothing will go wrong with this statement piece, experiment as much as you can.

Ericdress checked suit pants

2. A touch of sass: the Skirt Suit
Because why not? Coco Chanel introduced us to the skirt suits and we still obsess over it.

Ericdress checked suit skirt-1

Ericdress checked suit skirt-2

3. The Blazers
Winter is coming! And Blazers will save your life. Assemble any look and add a blazer on top, it always steps up the look, that’s its power. Checked blazers have never been out of trend for as long as we can remember.

Ericdress checked blazer-1

Ericdress checked blazer-2

4. Classic Coat
Embrace the checks with elegant long classic coats. With high heels and high-rise jeans, it’s a look your wardrobe can’t miss.

Ericdress checked coat

5. Checked Bottoms
When you want your minimalistic look to stand out, checked bottoms will do the job best for you. Be it a mid length check skirt or casual check pants.

Ericdress checked skirt

Ericdress checked pants

6. A-line Dress
A-checked dress lines up in our favorites. The dress looks so self sufficient in itself that it can be carried out easily with minimum accessories. A checked dress or a printed dress is always easier to carry and effortless.

Ericdress checked dress

This season is going to be immersed in Checks and our wardrobes have stared craving for MORE CHECKS!

Welcoming winter with Floral Summer Prints: The Pre-winter Must Have

The Street Styles from Day 1 of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) ’17 has given us Major Pre-Winter Wardrobe goals, there are so many
favorites and so many inspiring trends. But the one must have this
September is the Summer Print.
What better way to bid a farewell to winter if not the summer prints on floral fabrics!
Following are our favorite picks from day 1:
A red knee length sheer dress with floral print accessorized with Prada velvet bum bag, leather loafers with fur detailing, oversized round sun glasses and multiple thin gold chains.

floral dress-1

The smart casual: floral printed top with wide leg checked ankle length trousers; the wide waist band highlights the look. Cat eye sun glasses, black satchel bag and floral printed boots finish the look.

floral dress-2

One dress is like a walk down the memory lane, it highlights all the trends we had this summer. The asymmetrical silhouette, statement bell sleeve, the bold shoulder, frilled detailing and the floral print, this dress has it all. The dress has so much in it and hence is accessorized simply with black ankle boots and tan brown leather bag with metal chain sling and tassel detailing.
floral dress-3

These hot trends are easily available at
From short dresses to knee length to floor length, a wide range of floral summer dresses.

Ericdress floral dress-1 Ericdress floral dress-2 Ericdress floral dress-3


And a wider range of tops to step up your smart casuals.

Ericdress floral top-1 Ericdress floral top-2 Ericdress floral top-3


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Wear A Skeleton Costume To Celebrate Halloween In 2017

Now it is the end of August. Time passes quickly, and the summer will soon be over. The Halloween is not far away, too. What style costumes to show in 2017? Skeleton costume! Yeah, skeleton costumes are very popular this year. What is skeleton costume? The costume is a bodysuit, and the printed pattern is skeleton from top to bottom.  Skeleton costumes are quiet different from other costumes, they look very cool, and it’s full of Halloween feeling. The following six skeleton costumes come from online.

Wow, cool! The whole model is full of mystery and ghosts feeling. The first one is a spaghetti striped v-neck sleeveless bodysuit. This skeleton pattern is thin. The design of the second costume is complicated which is made of shoulders, body and legs three parts. It’s a hollow long sleeve skeleton costume.  The skeleton pattern is wide. The third one is a also a long sleeve skeleton costume, meanwhile it’s a fashionable cold shoulder design. The skeleton pattern is truer ghosting design. The fourth one is a long sleeve skeleton costume like the third one. The difference is it’s a red one. Black skeleton costumes are common, if you want to be different from others, red also is a good choice.  The last two are skeleton costumes with pleated skirt. The last one is also a corpse bride cosplay Halloween costume.  Which one do you prefer? Choose a skeleton costume to celebrate halloween in 2017 here:

 Ericdress Black Deep V-Neck Black Skeleton Costume  Ericdress Black Long Sleeve Hollow Skeleton Halloween Costume Ericdress Black Strapless Skeleton Print Cosplay CostumeEricdress Red Long Sleeve Hollow Sexy Skeleton Halloween Costume

Ericdress Black Pleated Skeleton Halloween CostumeEricdress Off-Shoulder Print Corpse Bride Cosplay Skeleton Halloween Costume