Fashion Outerwear for Women at

Autumn has come and winter is coming. The weather becomes colder and colder. And women should buy outerwear and show off outerwear beauty. Outerwear is used to be warm and it is even more a fashion collocation. With right outwear, women will be have great styles in this autumn and winter. Here I recommend women a good online store There’re all kinds of outerwear from thin to thick.

Blazers and Jackets

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In the early autumn, blazers are first choices. Beautiful women can wear blazers to work, have date or go shopping. And there’re always many colors for your choice. The styles are also diverse at For jackets, denim jackets and leather jackets are both good choices. Denim jackets are casual and leather jackets are cool. The designs are all fashionable. At, they’re pu jackets, not leather jackets, and the pu is high-quality definitely. So you can buy good jackets with low price.

Trench Coats

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Trench coats are another kind of outerwear for women. The unique cut makes trench coat irreplaceable. Most trench coats have deep colors, such as black, gray, army green, coffee color, dark red and dark blue. Almost every match with other clothing is great. And long trench coats are more popular, because they’re more warm and stylish. If you wear a knee high boots, it will be perfect. The trench coats at are designed in heart. Women must get ideal trench coats here.


leopard coat

Hoodie has become necessary item in the wardrobe for every woman, because whether you’re in home, or go out shopping, or even go to work, wearing hoodies is alright. And hoodie has its unique beauty that it’s  full of relaxed and fashionable sense with hoodies. Wearing hoodies, women feel comfortable and unrestrained. It’s perfect to match with jeans. You can also wear it as a casual outwear. Leopard is welcome this year.


cape trend

In the cold winter, many women choose capes as their outerwear. Unique design makes capes have loose style but with type. Wearing capes, women will be stylish, and the waist fat can be covered just right. Women look thin. If match with a sunglasses, it will be cool. In this autumn and winter, you should have a try with the capes at

Down Coats

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Entering the late winter, it’s very cold. Women should choose thick winter coats to keep warm. Down coats are really good choices. Their warmth is great. And down coats are light. With them, you will not feel uncomfortable. The fluffy style is quiet chic. Whether long down coats, or short down coats, they’re very beautiful. Most coats design a hat with comfortable fur. Plus pretty colors, women will look very nice with a down coat.

I believe Ericdress will take you a warm and beautiful autumn and winter.

Trendy Flat Shoes for Women

The weather is getting cooler and we will take off sandals. Many beautiful women like to wear a pair of heels. Heels are beautiful, but it’s tired with it and women may sprain their feet. So we need a pair of flat shoes in the early autumn. Here I recommend you three kinds of trendy flat shoes.

A pair of satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

A pair of satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

This is a pair of new flat shoes in 2016. Wearing it, women will have a new kind of fashion style. In addition to the bandage element, it’s also asymmetrical design of plaid bandage and solid black bandage. And the shoes add two chic black leather bandages in the middle. It makes the flat shoes quite unique.

The first fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni loves the flat shoes very much and she often wears it.

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Mini wears black hoodie and shorts to match with the flat shoes and full of young girl’s feeling. With the ponytail, she is younger. And Gulnazar chooses a pair of red flat shoes to match with a white dress. The flat shoes light the whole body style. She is so beautiful.

Mini's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

 Gulnazar's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

In fact, the meat pink is also very beautiful. With the pink flat shoes, women will be sweeter.

pink satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

pink satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

A pair of lace-up pointed flat shoes

lace-up pointed flat shoes

lace-up pointed flat shoes

Strap element itself exudes femininity, especially elongated rope. It can vaguely expose the instep and happened to wrap a charming feminine. The head design is perfect for the early autumn and it’s not too sultry. The suede fabric gives the flat shoes a rich autumn feeling.

Women who like comfortable style love the flat shoes very much. They wear to work, go shopping and have date. Whether it’s a short shirt or a pant exposed the ankle, the match is great.

lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with skirts lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with skirts

lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with pants lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with pants

Black and white shoes are easy to match. If your top and bottom are dark color, you can choose a pair of bright color flat shoes, such as red.

red lace-up pointed flat shoes style

A pair of T-belt pointed flat shoes

T-belt pointed flat shoes

T-belt pointed flat shoes

The T-belt design is the highlight. And the inlaid metal rivets make the flat shoes very unique. There’re many colors to choose from for you. If you can match with different color bags, it’s great.

T-belt pointed flat shoes style matching with same color bag

black T-belt pointed flat shoes

red T-belt pointed flat shoes

Fashion Ankle Boots & Sweater Dresses at

Fashion Ankle Boots at

Fashion Ankle Boots at

Wow, these ankle boots are so beautiful! Ankle boots are the best shoes in autumn. The height on the ankle is just right for the temperature of the autumn. And it’s great to match with clothing. The autumn has come and it’s more and more cold. It’s time to prepare ankle boots for your now. is a good store online. She designed many fashion ankle boots for customers. There’re martin ankle boots, chunky heel ankle boots, wedge ankle boots, high heel ankle boots and flat ankle boots. The styles are various. The lace-up ankle boots are very popular. If you like sweet bowknots, there’re many choices. For the color, the black and brown are common. For deep colors, the navy blue and dark red are also good choices. If you like light colors, I think yellow, beige and apricot are all very good.

Korean Sweet Bowknot Warm Ankle BootsBritish Lace-up Martin Ankle BootsPrincess Lace-up Ankle Boots

Pretty Lace-up Casual Ankle BootsWestern Cool Ankle BootsFashion Ankle Boots with Tassels

But what should these beautiful ankle boots match with? Sweater dresses absolutely the ideal choices. In the early autumn, wearing a sweater dress is very nice. Resisting a little code, keep the fashion style at the same time. The loose sweater dress matching with lace-up martin ankle boots is perfect. You can also wear a loose scarf random. It’s very fashionable. Whether for work or shopping, this outfit is appropriate.

 Chocolate Plain Loose Sweater DressOrange Red Plain Loose Sweater DressBlack Plain Loose Sweater Dress

Then let’s recommend you some good sweater dresses. These sweater dresses are sold well at Each is unique, right? Loose sweater dresses are suitable for matching with scarves. If your sweater dress is deep color, you should match with a bright color scarf. Another, sweater chains are good accessories. In addition, sweater dresses with belt are another kind of popular dresses. Women’s waistlines are highlighted. And women will be more elegant. For the details, tassel is a very nice. It makes women more amorous.

Plain Tassel Round Neck Sweater DressPlain Belt Round Neck Sweater DressPlain Asymmetric Sweater Dress

Color Block Heap Collar Sweater DressColor Block A-Line Loose Sweater DressRound Neck Slim Sweater Dress

Fashion Long Coats Styles

In addition to dressing beautiful, sunscreen is also very important. So the long coats become to very popular, because it can make you beautiful and shelter from sunlight. All girls can have long coats regardless of height and weight.

How long are the coats?

How long coats are good-looking? I think the ankle length is perfect. For petite girls, the knee length is alright. With long coats on the street, girls will be graceful and cool.

Fashion Long Coats Styles

Long coats matching with these are perfect.

What are the best matches for long coats? It’s t-shirts with shorts. The hole-jeans are also good choices. If you like, you can wear a long dress to match with your long coat.

Long coats matching styles

Long coats matching styles

Popular Matching Styles

In the end, what to choose to do with the long coats? And what style is the most popular this year?

Solid Color

If you don’t know which color to choose, solid color is the first choice. It’s very easy to match. The black long coats let girls look tall and thin. The white long coats are quite clear. And the cute pink and sky blue long coats are very popular this year.

Solid Color Long Coats

Cute Pink Long Coats


What is Kimono? It means loose cut without bound belt. The printing flowers are full of exotic feeling. You can match with daily clothing, and you can match with swimwear on your vacation, too.

Kimono Long Coats Styles

Kimono Long Coats Styles

Hollow and Lace

Hollow and lace both are two fashion elements for girls. Most girls love them very much. Hollow and lace long coats take girls much more tenderness. And girls look like maiden.

Hollow and Lace Long Coats

Black Hollow and Lace Long Coat

White Hollow and Lace Long Coat

Decorative Tassels

Cute jumping tassels decorations definitely the soul of the long coats. With some retro feeling, and the bohemian design, the long coats are quite unique. It’s absolutely appropriate to wear them to travel.

Decorative Tassels Long Coats

Decorative Tassels Long Coat

Back to School Season Is Coming

It’s just August and you must be enjoying your summer vacation. Maybe you’re surfing on the beach, maybe you’re on vacation overseas, and maybe you’re watching Olympic Games, but various promotional activities for the back to school season has started quietly. is a good store to go shopping for your back to school season. Homecoming dresses and prom dresses are just for you students.



These homecoming dresses (link: and prom dresses (link: are really beautiful, right? Yes, they’re great. The styles are diverse. And all the designers are unique. Ericdress designed them in heart, so that girls looking perfect with them. As you see, you have many colors to choose. And most colors are light and fresh. With them, girls will be like princesses.

Ok, let’s recommend some new dresses 2016 to you. It’s necessary to wear a homecoming dress to be back to school. The styles are various, and the figures are also different. You should choose one which is suitable for you. Short homecoming dresses are very popular, because with them, girls will be young and lively. But long homecoming dresses, such as knee length homecoming dresses, are more elegant.


Wow, so beautiful! The model is quite charming, right? You’ll be more charming with this homecoming dress. The highlights on this dress are too many, such as the a-line style, backless design, sexy halter, exquisite appliques and shinning sequins. It can be said “set thousands of pet in one”. Have you ever just around the corner now?


Then if you want a dress which the design is slightly more complicated, this homecoming dress is a good choice. It’s still the outstanding blue color. The There’re sequins, too. The style also is a-line, but what the different is that it just is sweetheart cascading ruffles which let girls cuter and full of princess feeling. Without halter, your back will also be very sexy.

Sure, you can choose a beautiful prom dress for your back to school party.



If you like quiet, these two prom dresses are good choices. Firstly, the light-color is understated and elegant. They’re simple, but not boring. The appliques on the dresses play a decorative role rightly. If you’re a petite girl, the first prom dress is better. It’s short and refreshing. And another one, it’s a long prom dress, and lace makes it more beautiful.



Apart from the two dresses, these two prom dresses are “hot”. If you like it hot, they match you well. The bright red color is always a classic. The v neck is the highlight of the first prom dress. At the same time, it’s backless. For the second prom dress, the asymmetrical hem which is short in the front and long in the back is very unique. Meanwhile it’s an off the shoulder prom dress. And the bowknot plays a decorative role to the entire dress.

Wow, how beautiful theses dresses! Choose one for you and your back to school party. The price is low, because Ericdress gives girls a big discount. Hope you have a good beginning in the new semester.

Short Dresses Above The Knee for Girls

Every time, when we see the long legs of pretty girls on the street, we could not help look many times. Wow, how beautiful girls! We have no long legs, but we can make ours become long legs. Remember, wearing dresses above the knee about 15 cm is a simple way. In this way, your leg lines are not only stretched, but also your legs look longer. Many short female stars like wear in this way.

female stars short dresses style

Emma Roberts's short dress

Emma Roberts's short skirt

Emma Roberts's short dress

Emma Roberts

Amanda Seyfried's short dress

Amanda Seyfried's short dress

Amanda Seyfried's short dress

Amanda Seyfried

The little white dresses are the best choices if you want to be gentle and generous. It’s clean and fresh, and very suitable for summer. Another, with a little white dress, your skin looks more bright white. Matching with sandals or white shoes, your legs will look very long.

little white dress

little white dress

little white dress

The shirt-dresses are also fresh. The different point is there is more taste of intellectuality. Stretching your height and waist, meanwhile, there will make you look younger.




There are strapless dresses with small sexy feeling. People will focus on your beautiful shoulders. The loose hem will shelter your thick thigh very well. Matching with sandals or heels, your legs will be stretched infinitely.

strapless dress

strapless dress

strapless dress

For short girls, skirts are also good choices. And a-line skirts are the best choices, because they will make your legs longer and thinner.

short a-line skirt

short a-line skirt

short a-line skirt

The denim a-line skirts not only can stretch your legs longer, but also make you look younger.

denim a-line skirt

denim a-line skirt

denim a-line skirt

About the shoes matching with the dresses and skirts, pointed toe heels are the first choices. And for the color, nude color is the best.

short skirt matching with nude color heelslittle dress matching with pointed toe heelsshort skirt matching with nude color heels