Wonderful Sunny Day

Today is sunny day. Wonderful sunny day! It has been rainy these days and the temperature is low. Today is the first day after the rain, and the temperature is higher. The air is very fresh. Today is also the last day of working days, and it’s comfortable to sun during the lunch time. The mood is also better.

Wonderful Sunny Day

Spring is a nice season. We should be happy to spend every day. As girls and women, we should wear all kinds of beautiful clothing and to be colorful girls. In the usual days without much free time, it’s great to go shopping, eating foods and drinking coffee with friends. It’s also good choice to do cooking, drawing and yoga to enjoy time belong to ourselves. How wonderful the sunny day is!

Girls and women should wear beautiful clothing to go out on sunny day.

In spring, it’s definitely a good choice to go out to have a transitory suburb vacation at weekends. Drive to the suburb with your husband bringing children and pets. In the wide, accompanied by a sweet music, enjoying the sun, you all laugh at the heart. Don’t forget wearing beautiful clothing, women. Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Travel is a good choice on sunny days.

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Black is a classic color. Everyone can wear black clothes and black clothing can match with other color clothing easily. And black clothes are often a bit sexier. Spring has come and women and girls should buy blouses. Here introduce three fashionable black blouses at ericdress.com.

Ericdress Solid Color Lace-Up Frill Blouse

This is lace-up blouse. The shoulders are all lace-up. They’re all thin straps and it’s very sexy. The whole body of the blouse is loose. So the blouse is lazy style. It’s casual, but sexy. Great! Black is very suitable this blouse.

Ericdress Solid Color Chiffon Lace-Up Blouse

This is also a lace-up blouse. There’s a lacing on the left bottom. It is made up of the two asymmetric sides of the blouse. It can be said the highlight of this blouse. It’s beautiful. Anther, the cuff is the trendy bell-shoulders. So this blouse is fashionable. Black is the best color for this blouse.

Ericdress Solid Color Mesh Blouse

This is a mesh blouse. It’s a black gauzy mesh. And Ericdress cleverly designed three black ribbons which make this blouse look more three-dimensional. The black tank top uncovering waist inside is sexy. Loving this blouse? Have a try.

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White Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today is March 14th, and it just is White Valentine’s Day. Another Valentine’s Day! It originated in Europe, popular in Japan, now is popular in the world. Usually, in this day, girls send gifts to boys to express their feelings. Then what gifts usually girls give to boys?

White Valentine’s Day

1. Marshmallow

Speaking of White Valentine’s Day gifts, most popular is marshmallow and candy. But now, if you receive marshmallow on this day, it’s mostly she hates you.

2. Biscuit

Biscuit is also a kind of gift on White Valentine’s Day. If you get biscuits as return on this day, it means “you are my friend”.

3. Candy

Candy is a good gift on White Valentine’s Day, because it means “I like you” or “I agree to know each other”.

4. Cookie

Pure handmade cookie is one of the main gift of White Valentine’s Day. Because Edward El’s inspiration is derived from the pure cookies produced by his wife – Queen’s Love Song, pure handmade cookie represents the girls’ gentle, thoughtful and love on the boys.

5. Mint

Mint is also a good White Valentine’s Day gift. Usually boys give girls as a love keepsake to express that he loves her, and he wants to be with you.

White Valentine’s Day

6. Clothing

Now many people send clothing as gifts on White Valentine’s Day gifts. If you want to choose clothing for him or her, welcome to visit ericdress.com.

Hope all girls and boys have a happy and sweet White Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for Women on Women’s Day

Today is International Working Women’s Day. It’s a festival established on March 8th each year to celebrate the important contributions and achievements of women in the economic, political and social fields. Now International Working Women’s Day has become a global women’s holiday, and this has new significance for both developed and developing countries women.

International Working Women’s Day

This is a day to celebrate women’s achievement, so it is important for women. Now men often send gifts to women to express their wishes. Many people choose flowers as the gifts. It’s good! But only a bouquet of flowers is a bit monotonous, it’s better to choose a beautiful cloth to send together.

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Ericdress Vintage Print Wide Legs Pants Suit

This is a wide legs pants suit. It’s very elegant and more suitable for mother. The style is generous and chic. Wearing it, women will be a fashionable mother.

Ericdress Stand Collar Color Block A Line Dress

This is a color block a-line dress. The colors are spliced very well. The style is simple but unique. And the stand collar designs just right. Wearing it, women look great.

Ericdress Classic Ethnic Stereo Flower Decorated Handbag

What a chic handbag! The style is great, isn’t it? The stereo flower decoration is very nice. And the overall shape of the bag is good. It’s better to match with a long dress or a pair of wide legs pants.

Best wishes to all the women and girls on International Working Women’s Day!