Trendy Wedding Shoes You Need To Know About

Marriage is known to be a stage in life. Wedding ceremonies help us to remember the special day we got married. What is a wedding without something to make it memorable? Well, there are finer details in weddings that make it memorable, small things like shoes can give you good memories of a wedding. Here are some shoes you can’t overlook in a wedding.

1. Superb blue crystal handcraft wedding shoes

Ericdress Superb Blue Crystal Handcraft Wedding Shoes

These shoes look epic. They are shiny and will stand out and make the bride the centre of attraction (the bride should actually be the centre of attraction in a wedding) the shoes are made of different high quality materials to make it stand out such as soft leather, diamond embellishments and a rubber outsole. The shoes are good for any weather. These are the shoes you need to look out for the next time you think of doing a wedding.

2.Sweet Pearl Rhinestone flowers wedding shoes

Ericdress Sweet Pearl Rhinestone Flowers Closed Toe Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes

If you believe that nothing can change your wedding then you are wrong. Try out this shoe and bring the shiny effect to the scene. Let your shoes be the talk of the day. Nothing is really amazing like a shiny classy shoe. The shoe is made of a combination of different high quality materials and has a plain pattern with some beads on it to make it stand out.

3.Shining Crystal Stiletto wedding shoes

Ericdress Shining Cryatal Stiletto Wedding Shoes

You really need these shoes for your wedding. First they are comfortable, second they are classy and third they are durable. The shoes can go well with a classy white wedding dress. It can be worn in any weather. Try it out and write history with this new trend.

Trending T-shirts For Women

Making something trend is not an easy task. Some things trend even without us expecting them to trend. Things we expect to trend may end up not trending. Do you want to associate yourself with trending things or not? If you want to associate yourself with trending things then you will need to check up these t-shirts on

Loose T shirts
Loose T shirts have taken over the trends. Loose T shirts bring out a woman’s shape and make them look sexy. You can get loose T shirts in different designs and choose the ones that look best for you. They also come in different colors. There are T shirts with V necks and those with round necks. One common aspect among these T shirts is that all of them look awesome and are comfortable to wear. You can select you size and start trending.
1.  Loose asymmetrical T shirt

Ericdress Loose Asymmetrical T-shirt

Ericdress Loose Asymmetrical T-shirt

The asymmetrical T shirt has a fine see throw bottom. It is long sleeved and has a round neck. It is outstanding for ladies with a slim waist. The T shirt has a loose finish and is made of cotton blends. It has a western style.
2. Casual Loose asymmetric T shirt

Ericdress Gray Casual Loose Asymmetric T-Shirt

Ericdress Black Casual Loose Asymmetric T-Shirt

Ericdress Casual Loose Asymmetric T-Shirt

Taking casual wear to the next level, this is just a T shirt you need. Wear it with jeans and walk into any party. The T shirt has a loose model and a scoop neckline. It has plain and has long sleeves. When you wear it, it covers your hips up to slightly above the knee. Despite of your body size, you can easily get your match. It can also be worn with leggings. This can be your favorite top if you get it in your wardrobe.

Let Your Belt Speak For You- Men Fashion

Did you know that your belt speaks much about you? Most men overlook the belt and this is the biggest fashion mistake they make. You can wear classy clothes but if you mess up the belt, you won’t stand out. brings you some of the best belts in the market at an affordable cost. The belts are long lasting and can fit in different trousers for men and look good.
Vintage Alloy Buckle Belt for men
The moment someone will spot this belt, it will completely catch their attention. Don’t you want girls to admire you? This is a belt that will increase your sexual appeal and girls will want to associate with you. The buckle itself can get you out of the shackles of shame. You can get the belt in black color and brown.

Ericdress Vintage Alloy Buckle Belt For Men

Men’s Cowhide Pin Buckle Belt
The belt is made of leather material. When you hear about leather just know that the belt is long lasting. It has a pin buckle. The belt can be worn with both official and casual outfit. It is wide and therefore it can only be used with trousers with large loops.

Ericdress Men's Cowhide Pin Buckle Belt

Wavy Design Men’s Automatic belt
The belt is made of cowhide material and it is long lasting. It is suitable for adult males. It has thread embellishments. The cool automatic buckle can go with both official and casual dressing. This is a high quality belt that will get you covered in case your trouser doesn’t fit on well. Match the belt with shoes and let everyone admire the look. You can place your order online and you will definitely get value for your money. It comes in a black color with the buckle’s end being silver.

Ericdress Wavy Design Men's Automatic Belt

Fashion Tips For Slim Ladies

When you are slim, you need to get the best outfit that is most flattering. Peplum dresses can give you extra curves and leave everyone looking at your hotness. Below are some of the tips that will make you fashionable.
Peplum slim jacket

Ericdress Printed Peplum Slim Jacket

Peplum slim jacket brings out the curves in your body. If you have an outstanding cleavage that you would like to show off, then do not close the zipper up to the neck. The printed jacket makes you look hot especially when it is combined with a mini skirt. The jacket is light and hence makes you comfortable in it.
Peplum sheath dress

Ericdress Cap Sleeve Peplum Sheath Cocktail Dress

Let those cute hands stand out and get exposed by the peplum sleeves dress. Weather you have curves or not, as long as you are slim, the dress will work wonders for you. The dress should be fitting for it to bring the best in you. Go to any occasion with the dress and it will still look good. You can go to formal and informal meetings, parties and many other places with the dress. The dress is not best for winter though.
Three quarter peplum T shirt

Ericdress Three-Quarter Peplum T-Shirt

Don’t stress out on what to wear when you are slim. We got you covered with the best T shirts. This is the types of T shirt that will make your friends wish they were slim. With long sleeves that reach the ankle, the T shirt gives your fore arm a chance to shine. If you have pointed boobs, the T shirt will make you the hottest girl in town although you can still look like princes if you don’t have pointed boobs. The T shirt goes well with jeans. It is made up of fine and light fabric that keeps you comfortable.

Fashion Rules For Skinny Men

If you are skinny, you don’t have to coil in fear about finding something to wear. This fashion guide is going to show you how to rock clothes and enjoy your slim side of life.

1. Wear fitting tailoring
If you are going to a formal event then you need to keep the tailoring fitting. This will give you a clean silhouette and bring out a customized fitting. Make your suits fit properly and avoid bagging in your trousers. The point here is your suit should not look too big.

Wear fitting tailoring clothing

2.Do layer up
By saying layer up I mean you should chuck on two jumpers, three T shirts and a coat so as to appear bigger. Layering up properly is very essential. You need to try a plain crew neck T shirt under slim fitting denim then chuck a bomber jacket at the top. Slip fit jeans will do well together with tapered leg than put on some tennis shoes. You will be good to go. Don’t overdo this. Over layering will just make you look like you cannot dress properly.

Do layer up

3.Wear crew necks
You need to avoid V necks if you are slim at all costs, particularly the ones with more drastic scoops. This is because you do not have huge Pecs that you can show off and even if you had them, we wouldn’t suggest that you show them off. Crew necks will give you the appearance of shoulders that are squared and will also compliment your narrower frame better than T shirts with scooped necks.

Ericdress Color Block Crew Neck Men's Hoodie

4.Avoid super skinny trousers
I said earlier that you should go for fittings but don’t take it too far. Super skinny trousers will just emphasize on your small frame. To trend, you can try premium joggers.

Ericdress Solid Color Casual Straight Cotton Blend Men's Pants

Fashion advice for plus size women with curves

Curves are hot for women if you wear the right dress for them. You need to avoid anything that makes you look bulky and focus on clothes that will make your bumps and lumps smooth. You don’t have to hide your curves. All you have to do is to make them appear proportional and show the world that you have curves in the right places. Now let’s get started.
Golden style strategy
In this strategy, we want to make an outline that will make people look you from top to bottom rather than from side to side. You need to select clothes that are scaled to your size. Most people will focus on your hips size and your butt. You need something to bring their eyes upwards for you to show them you are all round. And what will that be? Couple of extra necklaces will do.

Ericdress Bohemian Multilayer Beaded Necklace

Proper fit
Do not be tempted to hide your body in oversized clothes. They will make you just look bigger. To ensure that nothing looks lumpy, you need a great fit. Your bra has to fit if you want to look good. This will keep your bust up and it will eliminate unevenness in the outline that will distract the eye.

Ericdress Sexy Halter Lace-Up Leopard Bikini Set

Know your body shape
Take a closer look at your contours and your body figure before shopping for clothes. There is no category called plus size. There are both tall and short women with plus size and in each one of them, they all have distinct shapes. You might have wider shoulders and smaller hips while there is someone else with wider hips than shoulders. Once you know your shape, you can get the best outfit.

Ericdress Plus Size Lace Half Sleeve Dress

Trending Fashion Jackets For Men

Do you have a sense of fashion? If you yes, then you will definitely find this article helpful. We have compiled some of the best trending fashion clothing for men that will blow your mind. These are the kind of clothes that will earn you respect.
Cool Lapel patchwork zip front long sleeve PU jacket

Cool Lapel Patchwork Zip-Front Long Sleeve PU Jacket

The jacket is classy. This is just what you need for any occasion. You can use it in both formal and informal occasions and still stand out. This will actually make the girl you have a crush on to come and say hello. It is made of PU material which makes it long lasting.
Hooded faux fur collar PU zip men’s jacket

Ericdress Hooded Faux Fur Collar PU Zip Men's Jacket

Are you a fan of hoods? Then don’t just wear any hood. Wear something unique. The hood is long sleeved with a zipper. It is ideal for slim people. Wearing this hood during winter will help you to keep the cold away and keep you warm. If you get rained on while wearing this hood, no single rain drop will hit you.
Stand collar single breasted winter warm down men’s motor coat

Ericdress Stand Collar Single-Breasted Winter Warm Down Men's Motor Coat

This coat is nice to wear during winter. It has smooth fur that keeps you warm. Apart from the comfort the coat comes with, it is also fashionable. The coat doesn’t have any patterns and this makes it suitable for different occasions. It has a stand color and it is made of cowhide. It is one of the trending fashion coats for men.
Stand collar zip vogue slim PU men’s jacket

Ericdress Stand Collar Zip Vogue Slim PU Men's Jacket

This trending fashion can be worn with a white T-shirt or anything plain inside. The coat is plain with black color. You can wear this to casual occasions or when you are going out to tour. It improves the sexual appeal for men.

Set The Fashion Trends With Best Blouses

Setting fashion trends is not just something easy as it may seem. You have to do some work looking for the best clothing. Moving from one place to another looking for the best cloth is hectic. You don’t have to worry; we bring you the best because we care for you. Have a look at the following blouses.
1. Wide shoulder strap with vertical stripe blouse

Ericdress Wide Shoulder Strap Vertical Stripe Blouse

This is a trendy blouse that can be worn on a sunny day. It can be worn during informal events, parties and so on. The blouse has vertical stripes that allow it to expose your beautiful shoulders. It is made of fine materials that make you comfortable all the time. You can easily shop the dress online at Purchase here

2. A-line mesh patchwork blouse

Ericdress A-Line Mesh Patchwork Blouse

This dress will keep you looking hot. Walk in that party with this dress and you will have everyone looking at you and admiring it. The dress is loose in nature to allow aeration of your body hence reducing sweating. It can be worn during any season. You can easily set fashion trends with this dress
3. Slim zipper stand collar short jacket

Ericdress Slim Zipper Stand Collar Short Jacket


At Ericdress, you can find everything you want to set fashion trends. This is a unique dress and you might just be the first person with it in your area. The dress is thick enough to keep you warm. It has a stand collar neckline with a zipper closure. This dress is typically the best for the ladies with slim bodies.
Every lady wants to be admired and complimented. The above blouses are some of the best trend setters in the market right now. They come at affordable cost and they will give you value for your money. Just try them out and thank me latter.

Fashion Tips For Summer To Keep Women From Sweat

During summer, everyone goes around looking for the loose light clothes to keep them feeling cool. Most people forget about fashion. How about we show you a way to enhance your fashion at the same time control the harsh summer sun? Check out the following fashion tips for summer.
Keep your clothes loose

Ericdress Plain Cotton Blends Casual Dress

You need to have less fabric touching your body. This will make you more comfortable. This doesn’t mean that you go for the buggy clothes. Ladies should try putting on dress as compared to a pair of trousers.
Skip the padded bra

Ericdress Sexy Hollow Mesh Bra Set

Avoid major boob sweat by putting on foam padding bra or the hollow mesh bra. Try a soft and unlined bra.
Avoid flimsy fabric
If you don’t want your clothes to stick to your body then you need to avoid flimsy fabrics. Lightweight materials are typically great for hot weather. The clothing needs to have some structure like seams so that they do not cling on you when you start to sweat.
Layer that has open weave knits
These will help you feel the cooling breeze. They also look very nice and fashionable
Natural fabric clothing

Ericdress Summer Denim Round Neck Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Cotton is more breathable than polyester. Cotton also absorbs sweat and this makes it to dry faster. This means that you won’t feel sweaty like you had worn synthetic fabric clothing.
Avoid carrying backpack

Vogue Dragonfly Embroidery Handbag

You can just carry a small handbag and leave behind the backpack. A huge back pack stuck on your back will make you sweat a lot. During summers, the fewer things you carry, the less sweaty you become.
A scarf can do wonders

Ericdress Cotton Warm National Style Vintage Scarf

Put on a small cotton scarf to absorb the sweat. You may use it to tie up the hair or just wear it around your neck. You can soak it in cold water before you put it on for extra cooling.

Fashion tips for plus sized men

Do you have a wardrobe that will present your body in the most flattering way? If not, yet you are a plus size, then you need to do some upgrading. This doesn’t mean that you will need more money; you only need to have a more sense of style. We shall give you some fashion tips.
Don’t draw attention to your weight

Ericdress Patched Striped Sleeves Men Shirt

Slightly chubby guys often make a mistake of buying clothes that are too big to disguise their shape. Big clothing draws more attention to your weight; something you definitely don’t want. Get clothes that are not too tight or too big.
Keep it simple

Ericdress Epidemic Lapel Single-Breasted Men's Shirt

Keep the bright colors and patterns to a minimum if you are a bigger guy. Dark, solid or neutral colors are a great deal but you can as well wear pattern that are low-key such as light stripes or even subtle dots. Find out more here
Slim jeans

Ericdress Straight Denim Slim Men's Jeans

Bigger guys should go for slim jeans. Slim jeans help to elongate your legs. Supper skinny jeans should be avoided because they do not suit your frame. Avoid anything buggy and try to get a slim legged pair. Don’t choose wide cut jeans because they will make you look bigger. Make sure to pull the jeans slightly higher around your waist because if the jeans sit too low, they will not look flattering on the waistline. Try to go for jeans that are darker; charcoal gray, black or dark denim
Dress shirts

Ericdress Plus Size Vogue Floral Men's Shirt

You should also avoid going too big or too small for the plus-size when looking for shirts. Choose a shirt that is stiff collared which can stay as vertical as possible so as to elongate the neck. A vest or undershirt will help to elongate the torso. You can get this shirt here
The above fashion tips will be of great help to the plus size men.