About Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a romantic day. Sure, it also has a romantic with a bit sad story.

The third century AD, the Roman Empire appears comprehensive crisis with economy depression, ruling class corruption and social unrest, people have resisted. The aristocracy brutally suppressed the people and Christians to maintain the rule. At that time, there’s a believer Valentine, arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he touched the daughter of the warden with a frank heart. They love each other, and he got her care. The ruling class ordered him to execute the death penalty. Before his death, he wrote a long suicide note to the warden’s daughter, showing that he was innocent, and that he was well-behaved and deeply attached to the daughter of the warden.

Valentine's Day Story

On February 14th, 270, he was sentenced to death. Later, the Christians sacrificed themselves for the sake of honor and pure love, and the day of the execution was set as “St. Valon’s Day”, later people change it as “Valentine’s Day”.

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