Back to School Season Is Coming

It’s just August and you must be enjoying your summer vacation. Maybe you’re surfing on the beach, maybe you’re on vacation overseas, and maybe you’re watching Olympic Games, but various promotional activities for the back to school season has started quietly. is a good store to go shopping for your back to school season. Homecoming dresses and prom dresses are just for you students.



These homecoming dresses (link: and prom dresses (link: are really beautiful, right? Yes, they’re great. The styles are diverse. And all the designers are unique. Ericdress designed them in heart, so that girls looking perfect with them. As you see, you have many colors to choose. And most colors are light and fresh. With them, girls will be like princesses.

Ok, let’s recommend some new dresses 2016 to you. It’s necessary to wear a homecoming dress to be back to school. The styles are various, and the figures are also different. You should choose one which is suitable for you. Short homecoming dresses are very popular, because with them, girls will be young and lively. But long homecoming dresses, such as knee length homecoming dresses, are more elegant.


Wow, so beautiful! The model is quite charming, right? You’ll be more charming with this homecoming dress. The highlights on this dress are too many, such as the a-line style, backless design, sexy halter, exquisite appliques and shinning sequins. It can be said “set thousands of pet in one”. Have you ever just around the corner now?


Then if you want a dress which the design is slightly more complicated, this homecoming dress is a good choice. It’s still the outstanding blue color. The There’re sequins, too. The style also is a-line, but what the different is that it just is sweetheart cascading ruffles which let girls cuter and full of princess feeling. Without halter, your back will also be very sexy.

Sure, you can choose a beautiful prom dress for your back to school party.



If you like quiet, these two prom dresses are good choices. Firstly, the light-color is understated and elegant. They’re simple, but not boring. The appliques on the dresses play a decorative role rightly. If you’re a petite girl, the first prom dress is better. It’s short and refreshing. And another one, it’s a long prom dress, and lace makes it more beautiful.



Apart from the two dresses, these two prom dresses are “hot”. If you like it hot, they match you well. The bright red color is always a classic. The v neck is the highlight of the first prom dress. At the same time, it’s backless. For the second prom dress, the asymmetrical hem which is short in the front and long in the back is very unique. Meanwhile it’s an off the shoulder prom dress. And the bowknot plays a decorative role to the entire dress.

Wow, how beautiful theses dresses! Choose one for you and your back to school party. The price is low, because Ericdress gives girls a big discount. Hope you have a good beginning in the new semester.

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  1. Lisa, what an honor to be included in your round-up! I loved finding a post also available in Italian; don;8#217&t speak a word of it, but how delightful it would have been to have an audio option where I could have listened to someone read it to me.

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