Fashion advice for plus size women with curves

Curves are hot for women if you wear the right dress for them. You need to avoid anything that makes you look bulky and focus on clothes that will make your bumps and lumps smooth. You don’t have to hide your curves. All you have to do is to make them appear proportional and show the world that you have curves in the right places. Now let’s get started.
Golden style strategy
In this strategy, we want to make an outline that will make people look you from top to bottom rather than from side to side. You need to select clothes that are scaled to your size. Most people will focus on your hips size and your butt. You need something to bring their eyes upwards for you to show them you are all round. And what will that be? Couple of extra necklaces will do.

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Proper fit
Do not be tempted to hide your body in oversized clothes. They will make you just look bigger. To ensure that nothing looks lumpy, you need a great fit. Your bra has to fit if you want to look good. This will keep your bust up and it will eliminate unevenness in the outline that will distract the eye.

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Know your body shape
Take a closer look at your contours and your body figure before shopping for clothes. There is no category called plus size. There are both tall and short women with plus size and in each one of them, they all have distinct shapes. You might have wider shoulders and smaller hips while there is someone else with wider hips than shoulders. Once you know your shape, you can get the best outfit.

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