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Autumn has come and women need knitwear. I think it’s very suitable to wear knitwear in the autumn and I always like knitwear. I feel comfortable to have knitwear and I can match it with other clothes almost. is a good store to buy knitwear. She designed a lot of new knitwear for women. The knitwear is stylish. I recommend you come to have a look. In the early autumn, women can wear thin knitwear.


Knitwear 1, Knitwear 2, Knitwear 3

The knitwear is thin and it’s fashionable to wear it for women. I like the color and the style. First one, the off shoulder is its highlight. And I love the loose style. It’s sexy and casual. Second one, the lace-up is its highlight. And you can wear it with exposing one shoulder. I can image how sexy you will be. Third one is simple knitwear. The overall design is very simple, but the little v neck adds some sexy feeling for the knitwear. And the white with sequin is refreshing. Knitwear matches with skinny pants very well, such as leather pants.


Knitwear 4, Knitwear 5, Knitwear 6

The knitwear is another style. It can be said irregular style. And tassel often is one of the decorations. First one is flexible pullover caped knitwear. Women wearing it will be generous. Black is good, but you can choose gray or yellow if you like. Second knitwear just has one button. The design is unique and it’s very convenient to wear. The light gray is also let women feel relaxed. The third one is color block plain knitwear. The color match is good and it’s very fashionable. And it’s cardigan knitwear.

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Knitwear 7, Knitwear 8, Knitwear 9

In the later autumn, women should choose thick knitwear. And the turtle neck knitwear is a good choice because it is warm. I like the first one very much. The design is simple, but it looks very fashion. I think the pattern is very beautiful. And I like the color gray. Sure, there’re many more colors to let you choose. The second one is loose bat knitwear. You can also match with a belt. The third one is popular knitwear because of the cold shoulder. The design is unique and many women like it. And the color is great.


Knitwear 10, Knitwear 11, Knitwear 12

If women need cardigan knitwear, these three are all good choices. The style of first one and second one is similar. It’s simple. I like them very much. And I like their colors bright red and fashionable camel. The third one is casual knitwear with geometric. I think it’s great to wear it in the Christmas.

If you want some more knitwear, you can visit here:

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