Fashion Tips For Summer To Keep Women From Sweat

During summer, everyone goes around looking for the loose light clothes to keep them feeling cool. Most people forget about fashion. How about we show you a way to enhance your fashion at the same time control the harsh summer sun? Check out the following fashion tips for summer.
Keep your clothes loose

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You need to have less fabric touching your body. This will make you more comfortable. This doesn’t mean that you go for the buggy clothes. Ladies should try putting on dress as compared to a pair of trousers.
Skip the padded bra

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Avoid major boob sweat by putting on foam padding bra or the hollow mesh bra. Try a soft and unlined bra.
Avoid flimsy fabric
If you don’t want your clothes to stick to your body then you need to avoid flimsy fabrics. Lightweight materials are typically great for hot weather. The clothing needs to have some structure like seams so that they do not cling on you when you start to sweat.
Layer that has open weave knits
These will help you feel the cooling breeze. They also look very nice and fashionable
Natural fabric clothing

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Cotton is more breathable than polyester. Cotton also absorbs sweat and this makes it to dry faster. This means that you won’t feel sweaty like you had worn synthetic fabric clothing.
Avoid carrying backpack

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You can just carry a small handbag and leave behind the backpack. A huge back pack stuck on your back will make you sweat a lot. During summers, the fewer things you carry, the less sweaty you become.
A scarf can do wonders

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Put on a small cotton scarf to absorb the sweat. You may use it to tie up the hair or just wear it around your neck. You can soak it in cold water before you put it on for extra cooling.