Little Black Dresses

Little black dresses are women’s must-have items. Chanel founder Coco Chanel said, women may not lack little black dresses in their wardrobes. Little black dress is the benchmark of “elegant” and has contracted visual effects making women look more thin and slim. So each girl who likes basic styles is certainly not ignore the “little black dress”, showing the status to the little black dress should not be overlooked oh~

a wide variety of little black dresses

80 years, no matter how people’s concept of beauty changes, little black dress has always maintained its image of elegance and perfect in people’s minds. The huge fashion charm of little black dress makes so many Hollywood women to give up those gorgeous dresses bright shining, and choose such a low-key black LBD appearing on the highly anticipated red carpet.

little black dresses of Hollywood women

Goddess Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” wearing a little black dress with pearl necklace become an enduring classic imagination.

1994 Princess Diana again dressed in little black dress Christina Stamboulian visited in London and the sexy elegance has been remembered.

Another, one of the many singers who can prove the black dress is a classic just is Adele. Many people became huge fans since Chasing Pavements because she flaunted her beautiful curves with the black dress although her waist was not slim.

little black dress of Audrey Hepburnlittle black dress of Adelelittle black dress of Princess Diana

Since little black dresses are classic, what style will you choose? Here I recommend you a good online store The site is international and has a wide variety of little black dresses.

Crochet Open Back Long Sleeve Sheath DressCrochet Open Back Long Sleeve Sheath Dress


This little black dress is a lace black dress and will show your charming back very well. Another, your slender legs will be a good show.

Pleated Expansion Little Black DressPleated Expansion Little Black Dress


This black dress is unique because of the hemline. It gives people a feeling of freedom. In addition, the lace on the chest makes the dress more feminine. It’s perfect for parties and weddings with this dress.

Lace Patchwork Bowknot Expansion Maxi DressLace Patchwork Bowknot Expansion Maxi Dress


This black dress is a long dress. And lace on the back and the waist bow are the two highlights. The overall feeling is very elegant.

You can find many more little black dress here:

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