How To Dress Your Kid On A Thanksgiving Day

Most people are selfish, and I would say that I am not happy about it. Why do people only concentrate on themselves and forget about the kids on special occasions such as the Thanksgiving Day? A kid deserves to look good too. When you go out to buy the nice stuff for yourself, do not forget about the kid. Kids might not complain but believe it or not, kids appreciate wearing nice stuff. My kid was barely two years, and he would not let me remove a nice cloth he is wearing simply because he liked it. Sometimes he would refuse to wear something he doesn’t like. Kids have a sense of fashion, and we should not deny them the privilege. Below are some cool thanksgiving clothes for the kids.

Gobbler turkey costume

The costume stands out for any child, any gender. In fact, if I was a child, I would appreciate this very much. The problem is that I am not and therefore I would appreciate it if any child puts this one on. The costume is complete and colorful from head to toe. It will also keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Thanksgiving Gobbler Turkey Costume

Little Indian Outfit

A child needs to look like a star on Thanksgiving Day. The little Indian outfit does it all. It is made in style, and this will be memorable. Take some photos of your kid wearing this outfit and keep for him for future reference. He will definitely appreciate it when he grows up.

Thanksgiving Little Indian Outfit

My first thanksgiving bid

You may decide not to go full blow turkey on the kid but at least purchase for him or her a My thanks giving bid. It is easy and simple, but to your kid, it is the best thing you did for him or her.

First Thanksgiving Bid

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Fashion Tips For A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us officially. After making a trip home, it is time now to figure what to wear. The thing is, you want to look good and stay relevant to that particular occasion. Before we go to thanksgiving dressing tips, it is important to note that not all thanksgiving dinners are the same. Some might be filled with family and home cooking while others may be spent at a restaurant. Below are some of styled fashion outfits for any type of thanksgiving event.

At home

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

When the thanksgiving is done at home, it is very important to have as much comfort as possible. You may need to go for an oversized sweater and PJ-like bottoms for a cozy look that is stylish. Put on this with bold timepiece and loafers.

Meeting parents

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Parents

This is a very important occasion for the meeting parties. It is important to make a good impression and stick to a classic dress that has a rich holiday color. Pair your fun accessories with the simple frock. A gold clutch and bejeweled plus some lace-up boots can add a plenty of eye-catching looks.

Friends giving

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends

When you are spending your holiday with a second family calls in for a casual but well fashion look. A chunky turtleneck can say it all. This will keep your chick and toasty. You can add statement shoes like a black bootie that has metallically detailing to spice up a minimal ensemble.

Family reunion

Fashion Dressing For A Thanksgiving Dinner With Families

It has been a while since you met together with your entire family and now is the day you want to meet. The best advice when you want to meet someone you haven’t met for a long time is dress to impress. Try out a black sheath dress with gold detailing. You can pair this with a statement earring and a classic black pump.

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How To Shop Cyber Monday Without Losing Your Mind

Shopping holidays are important to most people. People wait anxiously for these days but sometimes end up being frustrated. Shopping can disappoint you especially when you do not know where to shop and what you want. This is the reason we come for your rescue and relieve you the hassle.
Research deals
Research is the foundation of most successful things in the world. Before you rush off to the store or load go-to retailers in your browser, you need to look into the deals prior so that you can come up with a game plan. Do some research online and this includes searching for some leaked ads on the internet, downloading apps, signing up for retailers and newsletters and following your favorite retailers. Below are some of the deals on discount.

Ericdress Black Friday A-Line Bateau Appliques Split-Front Evening Dress With Long Sleeves

Strategic shopping
The types of deals you can get on cyber Monday differ with those you can get on black Friday. Better deals can be gotten in certain departments than others. You can check out top discounts that are expected during these days. Check out some of the hottest deals here

Ericdress Black Friday Long Sleeves Two Pieces Lace Evening Dress

Make a list
Make a list of top retail stores that you want to visit and the products that you want to buy. If you plan to do shopping online, bookmark the websites you want to visit in advance and set a reminder so that you won’t miss any cool deals. You can make a list of different types of dresses, sizes, colors, design and so on.

Ericdress Black Friday Sexy One Shoulder Split-Front Lace A-Line Sweep Train Evening Dress

Outline what you want to spend on each product you want to buy. It is easy to get caught up buying stuff you had not budget for and finishing the cash before you buy the most important things.

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Helpful Tips About Dressing For Black Friday

Are you ready to brace the crowds and be embraced on Black Friday shopping? Do you even know what is to be worn on Black Friday? Pick a stylish; practical outfit for Black Friday shopping that will have you stand out. Remember this is about layers. The temperature of the day is not going to be the same. It might be super cold in the morning but by noon, the temperature might be very hot.

Skip the heels

Skip the heels

You need comfortable shoes that you can sprint with. There is going to be a lot of activities and if you are going to wear heels, they will end up slowing you down. Go for light sport shoes that are flat. The ones you fit in. make sure the shoes are not too big and too small.

Nude strapless bra is safe

Nude strapless bra is safe

We want you to look sexy, so we advise you to go for a bra that looks good under multiple fabrics and necklines. Go for a bra that is not too tight or too loose. Something fitting will work out for you.

Light layers are important

Light layers are important

You want to put on different layers so that when the temperature starts to rise, you can remove some of the upper layers. Light layers will do the work. Remember that two lighter layers can keep you warmer than one thick layer because the air it holds between the layers insulates heat from escaping. This is to ensure that the two lighter layers keep you warm during the cold part of the day. When the temperature rises, you are free to remove the upper layers. Lighter layers are also important because they will keep you from getting tired, unlike heavy layers. You can carry a backpack so that you can store some of the clothes when you are not using them.

Ericdress crazy Black Friday Clothing sales

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Winter Fashion Trends For Men

Winter is here, you want to stay warm and at the same time stand out. There are many clothes you can find out there but it will take someone with a sense of fashion to get quality and suitable wear for this particular cold season.
Get something hooded
Most people forget about the head when dressing during winter. Come on, your head is still part of you and you have to protect it. It doesn’t mean that you go and look for a blanket to cover your head. All you have to do is to get a fitting jacket that has a nice hood. The hood shouldn’t be too large for you. What I mean here is; it should not cover your entire face.

Ericdress Solid Color Thicken Flocking Warm Zip Men's Coat

Long Sleeve
Long sleeve is a must if you want to stay warm. If you cover the rest of your body and leave the hands out will be zero work. When selecting a long sleeved jacket, you need to be very careful not to choose sleeves that are too long. Your arm wrists should be seen. It is a bad idea to choose a buggy jacket because you won’t even feel comfortable.

Ericdress Patchwork Hooded Zipper Men's Down Coat

Get something thick
The main aim here is to stay warm and look good. Don’t go for a jacket that is too thin or made of nylon. The thicker the jacket, the warmer you will stay. Jackets made of different layers are the best. The wool layers inside keeps you comfortable as it is very soft. On the other hand, the outside layer is made of cotton which can be of different color, shape and style. You can get a thick jacket that doesn’t look too buggy on you. Have a look at the photo below.

Ericdress Thicken Faux Fur Collar Single-Breasted Luxury Men's PU Jacket

Trending Women Hairstyles And Hair Bands

A good thing with hairstyles is that you can achieve the best hairstyles in the market even if you don’t have the hair type suitable for that particular hairstyle. You can now join the trends by getting some of the best hairs in the market on Ericdress. Take a look at some of the trending hairstyles.
Kinky Curly Hair
The good thing with this hair is that, after it is attached to your head, you won’t need much effort to maintain it. You can fold it as you want or just leave it to hang on your head. The hair itself is easy to clean as you just need a brush to comb it.

Ericdress Human Hair Kinky Curly 7 PCS Clip In Hair Extension

Lovely Hollow Rose Hair Band
The hair is made of allow material and I would say that this is a sweet style with floral pattern. The length of the hair is about 33cm with an elastic ribbon length of 17cm length. This is the latest hair band from South Korea and it is getting popular all over the globe. The hair band matches with nearly every hair color and everyone can look elegant with it.

Lovely Hollow Rose Hair Band

Swift Long Wavy Hair
This hairstyle is very popular among celebs. It gives you a professional and sexy look. At the front, the hair is trimmed to reach the forehead just above the eyes. At the sides, and at the back, the hair is left to hang. The hair is smooth and easy to comb.

Ericdress Taylor Swift Long Wavy Hair With Full Bangs Capless Human Hair Wigs 20 Inches

African American Wigs
Wigs are becoming very popular. A short wig will give you a chance to show your cute face and you classy earrings. The good thing with the wig is that, no one will realize it is a wig as it resembles real human hair.

Ericdress Jennifer Hudson Short Boy Cuts Straight Human Hair Capless African American Wigs 6 Inches

Tips For Women On How To Look Good In Jeans

Do you have a pair of jeans that you love most? In most cases, your favorite jeans fit perfectly and make you feel beautiful whenever you put it on. What if you don’t have a favorite pair of jeans? If you don’t have one, maybe you are choosing the wrong pair. Follow through the following tips and you will definitely find a favorite pair of jeans.
Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans are perfect for ladies with a smaller butt. They will make your butt look bigger as compared to the leg size. Remember skinny jeans are not just for skinny people, they are for everyone as long as you put it on with correct style. Skinny jeans with stretch will give you more breathing room. They should be worn with tops that stop above the widest hip portion. Wear skinny jeans with ballet flats or tuck them into knee high boots.

Ericdress High-Waist Button Jeans

Stretch fabric
Jeans will fit on differently depending on the fabric. Jeans made of a stretching fabric are the most flattering and comfortable to wear. Look for jeans blends that include elastane, lycra, spandex or poluurethane. The stretching capability will help to condense the thighs and make your bottom look tighter and higher.

Ericdress High-Waist Button Washable Jeans

The correct rise
There are different fits for jeans but the most flattering rise is mid rise jeans. Jeans that sit a few inches above the pelvic bone are awesome. They should still be underneath the belly bottom. Low rise jeans will exert pressure on the stomach making fat to bunch up above the waistline. High rise jeans will draw attention to the stomach. You need to look for a contour waistband that will keep the jeans from creating a gap between the waistband and your back.

Ericdress High-Waist Worn-Out Jeans

The Return Of Dress To The Fashion Scene

In recent times, Dresses have been losing popularity among women. Women have been embracing trousers for particular reasons. Some women don’t like the chub rub effect which is the rubbing of thighs together. Some feel that they are too exposed like when wind blows the dress there will be nothing left to cover them. These are just notions by some designers and recently, ladies have realized how fashionable dresses are and are ready to embrace it. Below are some of the reasons why dresses are regaining popularity.
You feel cool
Many women have come out and said that when wearing a dress, you feel cool on a sunny day. Dresses are free and allow ventilations to the body. This way, one cannot sweat easily. Dresses keep you fresh all day.

Ericdress Lace Patchwork Long Sleeve Expansion Maxi Dress

They are so easy
Have to think of it this way. When you want to wear a skirt or trouser, you have to think of what top can do better with it. You can wear a very nice pair of trousers or skirt but if you make a bad choice of the top, all your efforts will be gone. You will look like someone without any sense of fashion. If you are not very good in matching, all you need is a dress. Dresses are already matched with designers and will always look great.

Ericdress Ruffles Button Mermaid Long Sleeve Dress

Dresses bring out your curves
The best thing with dresses is that it is very easy to find a dress that fits with your curves than it is with pants. Dresses will cover a multitude of flaws and it is also very easy to shop dresses online. All you have to do is to order your size and you won’t have to try it on as it is with pants.

Ericdress Slash Neck Ruffles Asymmetrical A Line Dress

Print Wear Taking Over Men’s Fashion

Print wear is taking men’s fashion by storm. Right now everyone wants to get a piece of that print wear and go with the trends. You don’t have to be left behind. Print wear is no longer a casual dressing code. It is now officially official and you can still put it on during a casual occasion. The best thing with print shirts and T shirts is that, you can dress with different types of trousers and still look great. There are no restrictions.
Print T-shirts
Nowadays print T shirts are very popular. People no longer go for T shirts because they are printed but people are rather choosy. They will look at how the T shirt is printed and what is printed on it. It is easier to match printed T shirts with a pair of trousers and Shoes to come up with an outstanding outlook. There is also a new trend in the market that you never saw coming. 3D printed T shirts are taking over. 3D printed T shirts are just awesome. When you see the Tees you will think that whatever is printed on them is just real.

Ericdress Color Block Print Round Neck Vogue Slim Men's T-Shirt

Printed Shirts
Nowadays printed shirts are also popular. People have made them official and now you can wear printed shirts to official occasions but you have to be very careful with what is printed on it. You need also to have a keen look at the color matching because mixing a bright colored Shirt with a dull colored pair of trousers is a no. bright goes with bright and dull goes with dull.

Ericdress Lapel Classic Print Long Sleeve Slim Men's Shirt

Printed Hoodies
Nothing looks smart like a printed hood. Camouflage hoods are the most common nowadays. Hoods are casual wear and should be matched with jeans.

Ericdress Color Block Letter Print Cotton Casual Slim Men's Hoodie

Fashionable Panties For Ladies

Every lady wants to look hot not just on the outside but also from what you dress underpants. Ericdress has you covered. You are just about to go and make some love to your man, why don’t you put on something that will turn him on. We have sampled for you some of the best panties from ericdress to get you covered. Now, as you may be wondering, what is it so unique with these panties? Take a look.
They are light
There is no lady that wants to put on a heavy panty. Every lady goes for the lightest panties for several reasons. The first reason is that, light panties will keep you ventilated down there. This way, you can’t sweat and you will be very fresh after a long time. The second reason is that, light pants are very comfortable. You won’t have to carry additional weight on you. Use your extra energy for something else.

Ericdress Lovely Lace Ladies Pantie


The pants from Ericdress come with the latest innovation. You therefore feel great wearing something that is fresh in the market. Surprise your partner and let them know that you are a fashionable person. For example the pant below has the latest design. Someone may think that you are putting on two panties but it is one in actual sense.

Ericdress Unique Patchwork Sexy Lace Low Waist Thong

Easy to Wear and Remove
In this era, no one wants to waste time dressing. It is for this reason that we bring you new designs of panties that will take you a few seconds to put on and remove. They are not tight thus you won’t use a lot of energy trying to pull them up or down.

Ericdress Patchwork Flower Cute Sexy Thong