Capes for Women in This Winter

This year, cape is another popular item for women. Wearing capes, women look cool. And in the winter, it’s very warm to wear a cape. So cape is really a good choice in this winter for women.


Short Capes

If you’re not high, you should choose a short cape. Wearing cape, pretty yourself will look cooler. Matching with black tight pants or stockings, the effect is great. You look taller.




If you like jeans, you absolutely can wear capes with jeans. It’s cooler.




Another, the combination of capes and knee high boots is perfect. It’s quite fashionable and stylish. Matching with black knee high boots, you’ll look very tall and very thin.





Sure, you can wear light-colored boots. It’s gentler.


If it’s not cold, you can wear capes as dresses with your beautiful legs exposed. You can put on some bright color capes, such as royal blue, mint green and sweet pink.




Also, you can use the same color of the cape and the bottoms to build suits feeling.




Middle Long Capes

Longer capes are very practical. You can wear it to go shopping or go to work. It’s chic and warm.



The collocation of the same colors is always alright. Many stars, such as Miroslava Duma, Gigi and Kendall wear like this.




Women who like the street feeling can wear capes to matching with jeans. It’s fashionable and cool. You can choose bright color capes to be more outstanding.




Of course, you can wear high heels or knee high boots to match with capes. It’s also very beautiful.



Long Capes

Long capes are good selection to add pomp. Wearing long capes, women look very cool. But short women remember to wear shoes with high heels.




Long cape dresses are also good fashion items for women. It get charming and cool feeling together well.




Knitted Capes

Knitted capes are another kind of fashion items for women. If you like knitted items, knitted capes are good choices. It’s unique and still fashionable. And it’s warm to wear knitted capes. Knitted capes with tassel are lively and playful. Lattice knitted capes are very popular. High collar capes are super warm, aren’t they?




Popular White Boots in This Winter

If the white shoes were popular this summer, then white boots are the new darling of the winter.

Ankle boots can be said to be essential each year. This year if you don’t know what color to choose, please try white. White ankle boots match with jeans well. It’s casual and easy. And women look younger wearing white ankle boots.

Fashion White Boots Style-1

Fashion White Boots Style-2

Fashion White Boots Style-3

If your jeans are long, remember to fold up a length of the legs. Exposed the ankles just right. It’s stylish and fashionable. And women look thinner.

Fashion White Boots Matching With Jeans Style-1

Fashion White Boots Matching With Jeans Style-2

Fashion White Boots Matching With Jeans Style-3

Nine-point bell-bottoms are very significant weapon to be thin and tall. And you can wear nine-point bell-bottoms matching with white ankle boots. It’s very fashion.

Fashion White Boots Matching With Nine-point Bell-bottoms Style-1

Fashion White Boots Matching With Nine-point Bell-bottoms Style-2

Fashion White Boots Matching With Nine-point Bell-bottoms Style-3

Of course, matching with tight pants is ok. The best choice is wider open ankle boots. In this way, women will look thin. And if the tight pants are black, the contrast of white and black is chic.

Fashion White Boots Matching With Tight Pants Style-1

Fashion White Boots Matching With Tight Pants Style-2

You also can match with white pants. The overall sense is strong. Women look young and fashionable. Matching with suits, it’s an elegant style. Matching with holes jeans, it’s a street cool style.

Fashion White Boots Matching With White Pants Style-1

Fashion White Boots Matching With White Pants Style-2

Fashion White Boots Matching With White Pants Style-3

Knitwear matches with skirt, and wearing a pair of white ankle boots. It’s great. Wearing like this, you will be at the forefront of fashion traffic this winter.

Fashion White Boots Matching With Skirts Style

Dresses are women’s favorites. It’s absolutely French street style that fresh white ankle boots match with a lazy women flavor dress. Remember the dress must be short.

Fashion White Boots Matching With Dresses Style-1

Fashion White Boots Matching With Dresses Style-2

Fashion White Boots Matching With Dresses Style-3

Finally add another point that small women should not wear high boots. But the super high boots are alright. Women will look very tall.

Fashion White Super High Boots Style

What color overcoat do you want this winter?

Overcoat should be one of the necessary clothes for women in the winter. Black, white and gray overcoat is cool, but some women don’t like their darkness. And the winter time is long, and the clothing should be colorful. Our life needs beautiful colors, and mood would be much better. Then what other color overcoat can we choose?

Pink Overcoat

In the winter, pink is really a good color. With pink overcoat, women can be cute and also can be cool.

Pink Overcoat Style-1

Pink Overcoat Style-2

Pink Overcoat Style-3

You can wear black pants to match with pink overcoat. It’s sweet and simple.

Pink Overcoat Matching With Black Pants Style-1

   Pink Overcoat Matching With Black Pants Style-2

Pink Overcoat Matching With Black Pants Style-3

Sure, pink overcoat matching with white pants is great. The whole person is fresh and clean. It’s very sweet. But we know it needs a good figure to wear white pants, so please remember keep your figure well.

 Pink Overcoat Matching With White Pants Style-1

Pink Overcoat Matching With White Pants Style-2

Pink Overcoat Matching With White Pants Style-3

Green Overcoat

Green represents vitality, so in the dark winter, green can take some vitality for you and your friends. So, green overcoat is definitely a good choice.

Green Overcoat Style-1

Green Overcoat Style-2

Because the color of different shades, there’re also many green. Women can choose one according their own preferences.

Green Overcoat Style-3

Green Overcoat Style-4

This dark green is very popular this year. Wearing it, women look whiter. And the beauty is durable.

Dark Green Overcoat Style-1

Dark Green Overcoat Style-2

Red Overcoat

Red is always classic. It’s passionate, elegant, and fashionable. In the street, it is definitely the most eye-catching.

Red Overcoat Style-1

Red Overcoat Style-2

Long red overcoat is very cool. Matching with slim black pants and ankle boots, women must be really cool.

 Red Overcoat Matching With Black Pants Style-1

Red Overcoat Matching With Black Pants Style-2

Blue Overcoat

In the blue overcoat, I think the quiet blue overcoat is the most pretty. It’s fresh and sweet. Women wearing it are very beautiful.

Blue Overcoat

Matching with black, women are full of capable feeling.

Blue Overcoat Matching With Black Pants  Style-1

Blue Overcoat Matching With Black Pants  Style-2

Camel Overcoat

Camel overcoat is the best item to highlight the winter taste. Its unique elegance is beyond comparison, not high-profile nor boring. The beauty is just right.

Camel Overcoat Style-1

Camel Overcoat Style-2

Camel Overcoat Style-3

The combination of camel overcoat with sports elements is also good, such as sports shoes and sports hoodies, it looks very comfortable and fashionable.

Camel Overcoat Matching With Sports Shoes Style-1

Camel Overcoat Matching With Sports Shoes Style-2

Camel Overcoat Matching With Sports Shoes Style-3

Fashion Knitwear at

Autumn has come and women need knitwear. I think it’s very suitable to wear knitwear in the autumn and I always like knitwear. I feel comfortable to have knitwear and I can match it with other clothes almost. is a good store to buy knitwear. She designed a lot of new knitwear for women. The knitwear is stylish. I recommend you come to have a look. In the early autumn, women can wear thin knitwear.


Knitwear 1, Knitwear 2, Knitwear 3

The knitwear is thin and it’s fashionable to wear it for women. I like the color and the style. First one, the off shoulder is its highlight. And I love the loose style. It’s sexy and casual. Second one, the lace-up is its highlight. And you can wear it with exposing one shoulder. I can image how sexy you will be. Third one is simple knitwear. The overall design is very simple, but the little v neck adds some sexy feeling for the knitwear. And the white with sequin is refreshing. Knitwear matches with skinny pants very well, such as leather pants.


Knitwear 4, Knitwear 5, Knitwear 6

The knitwear is another style. It can be said irregular style. And tassel often is one of the decorations. First one is flexible pullover caped knitwear. Women wearing it will be generous. Black is good, but you can choose gray or yellow if you like. Second knitwear just has one button. The design is unique and it’s very convenient to wear. The light gray is also let women feel relaxed. The third one is color block plain knitwear. The color match is good and it’s very fashionable. And it’s cardigan knitwear.

12246506_811576349_11 12408994_1

Knitwear 7, Knitwear 8, Knitwear 9

In the later autumn, women should choose thick knitwear. And the turtle neck knitwear is a good choice because it is warm. I like the first one very much. The design is simple, but it looks very fashion. I think the pattern is very beautiful. And I like the color gray. Sure, there’re many more colors to let you choose. The second one is loose bat knitwear. You can also match with a belt. The third one is popular knitwear because of the cold shoulder. The design is unique and many women like it. And the color is great.


Knitwear 10, Knitwear 11, Knitwear 12

If women need cardigan knitwear, these three are all good choices. The style of first one and second one is similar. It’s simple. I like them very much. And I like their colors bright red and fashionable camel. The third one is casual knitwear with geometric. I think it’s great to wear it in the Christmas.

If you want some more knitwear, you can visit here:

Choose Lipstick According to Skin Color

Beautiful women must paint on delicate makeup to go out. And lipstick is an important and key point. Then it’s the best way to choose lipstick according to skin color. Then how to choose lipstick according to skin color? The most basic way is to let lip remains the natural state, choose lipstick which the color is deeper one or two colors, and smear half of the lip, then do comparison with the other half of the lip. Having a clearer knowledge probably for the effect of the lipstick, you can pick your lipstick.

If you want your lips look thin, you can choose some of the deep colors. And if you want increase the fullness of the lips, you can pick bright luster.

Sure, choosing lipsticks according to skin colors is the most secure method.

1. pale skin

For pale skin, nude color is the most suitable color, and you can also try pink and peach. If you want to challenge some bold colors, you can consider the red. But the red must be based on the blues as much as possible. In addition to these, they’re all good choices from beige to pale coral. But some colors are the bane for pale skin, such as brown. Whether it’s wine red or chocolate, do not try. Such colors make mouth look sad, they erase the attraction.

lipstick colors for pale skin

2. Olive skin

If your skin is olive biased, you don’t use the bright red color lipsticks, and red or orange-red color also isn’t suitable. Conversely you can try berry shades or hues of coral. These lipsticks can bring such great effect for your lip.

If you must use the red, try to use warm colors, such as brown-red would be more appropriate than blue-red. Purple and dark coffee colors are also not ideal, but purplish red or rose is more appropriate relatively.

lipstick colors for olive skin

3. Partial black skin

For women with dark color skin, the dark red is a great choice, and brown-red or blue-red does not matter. In addition, soft coral or orange is also a good choice. From chocolate to plum color, optional lipsticks colors are numerous. For the daily makeup, personally I recommend the caramel color. If attending the nocturnal activity, you can choose, you can choose purplish hue.

It must be taken to avoid the lipstick which the color is white or mixed a lot of white color effect. Such colors make skin appears darker and looks very discordant.

lipstick colors for partial black skin

4. How to select lipstick according to the well-being background color of skin?

If you don’t understand your skin background belongs to which color, you can allow the sunlight shine directly on your wrist. Warm skin veins will be greenish, and skin veins color of cold skin will be more bluish. If you still cannot ensure your skin color in this method, then you should have a neutral skin tones. Neutral skins are more freedom in the selection of lipsticks, you just choose boldly and then the favorite one is the best one.

The warm skins (We usually also believe such skins are yellow.) are more inclined to choose partial blue-red lipsticks. But don’t try purple lipsticks as much as possible, because purple will make warm skins look more yellow, and even visually affect the tooth color. Bronze or nude color with gloss is also a good choice.

Cold skins are more suitable for peach or orange lipsticks. If the skin is not very pale, then bronze or coral lipstick also has a good affect. Of course, lipsticks with brown background are more appropriate, otherwise not recommend blue-red.

How to select lipstick according to the well-being background color of skin?

Finally, say some other topics. In fact, expect of lipsticks, lip multi painting is also a good choice of make-up, although young girls not much accustomed to using lip liner. Drawing a good lip line, not only increase the fullness of the lips, but also the makeup can be keep for a long time.

Drawing from the middle, a little padding extends to the edge portion. Want to make the lip makeup pretty enough, you can dry the lip after finished makeup, the fill again makeup color. So drawn lips are very beautiful~

lip multi painting is also a good choice of make-up

The principle to select lipsticks according to the skin color is generally so few, still I hope women can find the most suitable lipstick color, and show people perfect state every day.

Fashion Casual Dresses & Jumpsuits Pants Collection at

Women like to wear dresses every season. In the autumn and winter, women still need to have dresses to keep beauty. And casual dresses are good choice. Women usually need many day dresses, and casual dresses are most practical. In the early autumn, you can wear a thin casual dress with a trench coat, and in the late winter, you can wear a thick casual dress with a winter coat. Anyway, when you come in the office or coffee house and put down the overcoat, you will still be beautiful. Let’s talk about some casual dresses just at

 Ericdress Plain Asymmetrical Casual DressEricdress Color Block Patchwork Short Sleeve Round Neck Casual DressChic Elegant Slim Three Quarter Sleeve Day Dress

Casual dress 1, casual dress 2, casual dress 3

These dresses are three practical and welcome casual dresses. They all have great designs and fashion styles. The models’ waists look so thin and body shapes are perfect. You wear them, you’ll be also beautiful. Each casual dress is unique. The first one, the asymmetrical rim makes the red color to be appeared and the dress looks not bald. And women’s beautiful legs can be visible. The second one, the color block patchwork is its highlight. It makes the dress to be the only one that cannot be replaced. The third one, the designs of waist, neck and sleeves are all great.

Ericdress Color Block Asymmetric Casual Dress 1Ericdress Color Block Asymmetric Casual Dress 2

Casual dress 4

This casual dress is great, right? Yes, women with it look very generous. The holistic white and the black edge match so perfect. And the rim is asymmetric which let the dress not so long and women’s legs are visible. The dress looks simple but unique.

Looking for casual dresses here:

If you don’t want to wear dresses, jumpsuits pants are good choices. Wearing jumpsuits pants under the overcoats, women will be another style. Sure, when put down the overcoat, women also will be chic. Let’s know of some from If you have a fashionable necklace, you can wear it.

Ericdress Plus Size Irregular Sleeve Jumpsuits PantsEricdress Solid Color Half Sleeve Jumpsuits PantsEricdress Elegant Hollow Lace Patchwork Jumpsuits Pants

Jumpsuits pants 1, jumpsuits pants 2, jumpsuits pants 3

These three jumpsuits pants sell very well at, because the designs are unique and the styles are simple. Every woman can wear one of them. For the first jumpsuits pants, you must see its irregular sleeve. Yes, it’s the highlight. It makes the jumpsuits pants look distinctive. The second jumpsuits pants have a half off shoulder. And the belt decoration is just right. The third jumpsuits pants are welcome because of the elegant hollow lace patchwork.

Ericdress Fashion Cold Shoulder Print White Jumpsuits PantsEricdress Fashion Cold Shoulder Print Black Jumpsuits Pants

Jumpsuits pants 4

This is a kind of off-shoulder lattice tight jumpsuits pants. Off-shoulder, lattice and belt are all fashion elements and Ericdress groups them perfect. The jumpsuits pants are simple but not low. If matching with a pair of red heels, women look so nice. Another, there’re white and black to be chosen.

Looking for more jumpsuits pants here:

Autumn Long Sweater Coats Styles Show

Wearing clothing not only looks good and appears lanky, but also has remarkable temperament, so how to wear to keep great? In the early autumn, it’s a good choice to wear long sweater coats for women. Women can keep warm and have great styles. Then how to choose and wear a long sweater coat? You can wear a dress or tight trousers under the sweater coat. So let’s talk about the fashionable sweater coats below.

Loose Red Long Sweater Coat

This sweater has strong sense of texture. Woman wearing it is stunning. The length is enough to keep warm. Women only need to have simple clothing under the sweater coat to get a great style. It’s fashionable and fresh.

Gray Large Lapel Loose Long Sweater Coat

Wearing this sweater dress, woman will be generous and cool. And it has an important effect to elongate the body proportion and make women look taller. The large lapel design is a major feature which makes the sweater fashionable. Like the image, women can wear a striped t-shirt and a tight trouser under the coat. It’s super temperament.

Fresh Fruit Green Long Sweater Coat

Even in the autumn and winter, women should also have to maintain the vitality. This fresh fruit green long sweater coat can help you. If wearing a pair of ankle boots and a short dress to expose your slender legs, women will be very beautiful.

Light Coffee Color Hollow Sweater Coat

This long sweater coat is suitable for any woman. The hollow design is very fashionable. The light coffee color is easy to match with other clothing. If wearing a black tight top and trouser inside, women look very thin.

Long Cardigan Knitwear with Elegant Diamond Lattice

The black t-shirt with words is loose and brings some casual tastes. It’s a very simple suit to match with a tight trouser, and miss highlights. So wearing a long cardigan knitwear with unique design, simple style, elegant diamond lattice, the overall style is generous and casual.

Navy Blue Loose Cardigan Long Sweater Coat

Nostalgic striped t-shirt match with retro color slim jeans, also join the fashion element of the hole, and wear navy blue loose cardigan sweater. The color makes women look thinner. The loose style is very nice. It’s casual and stout arms will not appear.

Light Color Long Sweater Coat with Random and Unique Design

This long sweater coat is also fashionable. The style and color both are very welcome. Matching with write pants, the overall style is clean. There’s a Korean ol and intellectual beauty. The lapel design is even random and unique.

Beige Long Sweater Coat

This is a beige long sweater coat. The design is very simple. The soft and elegant color makes women wear a gentle and quiet atmosphere. The length over the knee is easy to look thin. It’s really a fresh dress full of art.

Fashion Outerwear for Women at

Autumn has come and winter is coming. The weather becomes colder and colder. And women should buy outerwear and show off outerwear beauty. Outerwear is used to be warm and it is even more a fashion collocation. With right outwear, women will be have great styles in this autumn and winter. Here I recommend women a good online store There’re all kinds of outerwear from thin to thick.

Blazers and Jackets

fashion trend

In the early autumn, blazers are first choices. Beautiful women can wear blazers to work, have date or go shopping. And there’re always many colors for your choice. The styles are also diverse at For jackets, denim jackets and leather jackets are both good choices. Denim jackets are casual and leather jackets are cool. The designs are all fashionable. At, they’re pu jackets, not leather jackets, and the pu is high-quality definitely. So you can buy good jackets with low price.

Trench Coats

nautical trend

Trench coats are another kind of outerwear for women. The unique cut makes trench coat irreplaceable. Most trench coats have deep colors, such as black, gray, army green, coffee color, dark red and dark blue. Almost every match with other clothing is great. And long trench coats are more popular, because they’re more warm and stylish. If you wear a knee high boots, it will be perfect. The trench coats at are designed in heart. Women must get ideal trench coats here.


leopard coat

Hoodie has become necessary item in the wardrobe for every woman, because whether you’re in home, or go out shopping, or even go to work, wearing hoodies is alright. And hoodie has its unique beauty that it’s  full of relaxed and fashionable sense with hoodies. Wearing hoodies, women feel comfortable and unrestrained. It’s perfect to match with jeans. You can also wear it as a casual outwear. Leopard is welcome this year.


cape trend

In the cold winter, many women choose capes as their outerwear. Unique design makes capes have loose style but with type. Wearing capes, women will be stylish, and the waist fat can be covered just right. Women look thin. If match with a sunglasses, it will be cool. In this autumn and winter, you should have a try with the capes at

Down Coats

outwear trends 2016

Entering the late winter, it’s very cold. Women should choose thick winter coats to keep warm. Down coats are really good choices. Their warmth is great. And down coats are light. With them, you will not feel uncomfortable. The fluffy style is quiet chic. Whether long down coats, or short down coats, they’re very beautiful. Most coats design a hat with comfortable fur. Plus pretty colors, women will look very nice with a down coat.

I believe Ericdress will take you a warm and beautiful autumn and winter.

Trendy Flat Shoes for Women

The weather is getting cooler and we will take off sandals. Many beautiful women like to wear a pair of heels. Heels are beautiful, but it’s tired with it and women may sprain their feet. So we need a pair of flat shoes in the early autumn. Here I recommend you three kinds of trendy flat shoes.

A pair of satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

A pair of satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

satin lace-up ballet flat shoes

This is a pair of new flat shoes in 2016. Wearing it, women will have a new kind of fashion style. In addition to the bandage element, it’s also asymmetrical design of plaid bandage and solid black bandage. And the shoes add two chic black leather bandages in the middle. It makes the flat shoes quite unique.

The first fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni loves the flat shoes very much and she often wears it.

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Chiara Ferragni's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

Mini wears black hoodie and shorts to match with the flat shoes and full of young girl’s feeling. With the ponytail, she is younger. And Gulnazar chooses a pair of red flat shoes to match with a white dress. The flat shoes light the whole body style. She is so beautiful.

Mini's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

 Gulnazar's satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

In fact, the meat pink is also very beautiful. With the pink flat shoes, women will be sweeter.

pink satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

pink satin lace-up ballet flat shoes style

A pair of lace-up pointed flat shoes

lace-up pointed flat shoes

lace-up pointed flat shoes

Strap element itself exudes femininity, especially elongated rope. It can vaguely expose the instep and happened to wrap a charming feminine. The head design is perfect for the early autumn and it’s not too sultry. The suede fabric gives the flat shoes a rich autumn feeling.

Women who like comfortable style love the flat shoes very much. They wear to work, go shopping and have date. Whether it’s a short shirt or a pant exposed the ankle, the match is great.

lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with skirts lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with skirts

lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with pants lace-up pointed flat shoes matching with pants

Black and white shoes are easy to match. If your top and bottom are dark color, you can choose a pair of bright color flat shoes, such as red.

red lace-up pointed flat shoes style

A pair of T-belt pointed flat shoes

T-belt pointed flat shoes

T-belt pointed flat shoes

The T-belt design is the highlight. And the inlaid metal rivets make the flat shoes very unique. There’re many colors to choose from for you. If you can match with different color bags, it’s great.

T-belt pointed flat shoes style matching with same color bag

black T-belt pointed flat shoes

red T-belt pointed flat shoes

Fashion Ankle Boots & Sweater Dresses at

Fashion Ankle Boots at

Fashion Ankle Boots at

Wow, these ankle boots are so beautiful! Ankle boots are the best shoes in autumn. The height on the ankle is just right for the temperature of the autumn. And it’s great to match with clothing. The autumn has come and it’s more and more cold. It’s time to prepare ankle boots for your now. is a good store online. She designed many fashion ankle boots for customers. There’re martin ankle boots, chunky heel ankle boots, wedge ankle boots, high heel ankle boots and flat ankle boots. The styles are various. The lace-up ankle boots are very popular. If you like sweet bowknots, there’re many choices. For the color, the black and brown are common. For deep colors, the navy blue and dark red are also good choices. If you like light colors, I think yellow, beige and apricot are all very good.

Korean Sweet Bowknot Warm Ankle BootsBritish Lace-up Martin Ankle BootsPrincess Lace-up Ankle Boots

Pretty Lace-up Casual Ankle BootsWestern Cool Ankle BootsFashion Ankle Boots with Tassels

But what should these beautiful ankle boots match with? Sweater dresses absolutely the ideal choices. In the early autumn, wearing a sweater dress is very nice. Resisting a little code, keep the fashion style at the same time. The loose sweater dress matching with lace-up martin ankle boots is perfect. You can also wear a loose scarf random. It’s very fashionable. Whether for work or shopping, this outfit is appropriate.

 Chocolate Plain Loose Sweater DressOrange Red Plain Loose Sweater DressBlack Plain Loose Sweater Dress

Then let’s recommend you some good sweater dresses. These sweater dresses are sold well at Each is unique, right? Loose sweater dresses are suitable for matching with scarves. If your sweater dress is deep color, you should match with a bright color scarf. Another, sweater chains are good accessories. In addition, sweater dresses with belt are another kind of popular dresses. Women’s waistlines are highlighted. And women will be more elegant. For the details, tassel is a very nice. It makes women more amorous.

Plain Tassel Round Neck Sweater DressPlain Belt Round Neck Sweater DressPlain Asymmetric Sweater Dress

Color Block Heap Collar Sweater DressColor Block A-Line Loose Sweater DressRound Neck Slim Sweater Dress